Ashish Balgotra, the new hotshot of Digital Marketing

Ashish Balgotra, the new hotshot of Digital Marketing

In the field of digital marketing and Infopreneur, the name of Ashish Balgotra is quite a familiar one as he is one of the youngest Infopreneur in the town. He is a full-time Blogger and a Digital Marketer who has a well-known name for working with big bloggers and Digital Marketers.

Today Digital Marketing is unfolding its arms at the broader level and Infopreneurs have become the benefactors. An Infopreneur is a neologism that means a person who makes sure he gathers and sells all the electronic information to people. One such brilliant InfoPreneur, Ashish Balgotra has got minute skills of Digital Marketing which already makes him a renowned Infopreneur.  Not only this but LLC has declared him as Social Media’s most influential man and one of the Top 20 male Digital bloggers. Although he is a young Infopreneur he has mustered major Marketing and Business experience. On his Instagram feed, he comes up with precise and helpful content on Digital Marketing along with posts engaging in big celebrities. So numerous contents and details on Digital Marketing are just a click away now. Go follow him on Instagram and other social media handles too for a better understanding of Digital Marketing.

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