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Abdullah Mehmood – helping YouTubers and Business Startups achieve their goals

Youngest Pakistani Entrepreneur Abdullah Mehmood releases his two new books. “How to grow on social media – The ultimate guidance” and “Shifting to digital investments”.

“I have worked day and night to write these books, I believe I am actually providing the best, unlike other sources which mainly focus on the general tricks. I tried my level best to breakdown the algorithms of the popular social sites determined that the readers actually get the advantage. Hopefully, after reading it, they’ll understand how to grow on Social media, what strategies to follow. What is the criteria of the sites; what sort of content is being promoted”.

On his Facebook page, he mentioned Cal So Scoped and appreciated his work. Cal So Scoped is an American Graphic Designer and Videographer, he designed the book covers for Mehmood’s Books.

“It’s like a dream come true I am finally releasing my books tomorrow” He tweeted this a night before the release.

The other book “Shifting to digital investments” is all about why an investor should look for online store/E-Commerce instead of a local shop. Understanding the trends and the modern requirements. He also referred to the cryptocurrency and blockchain: “Both of them are actively recovering and we need to understand that corona has forced people to shift digitally, I believe the investors should understand that most of the consumer won’t prefer to switch back to offline services again”.

Abdullah Mehmood is the Youngest Pakistani to qualify for YouTube creators award. He hosts his show “Business Week” and “Abdullah Mehmood Podcasts” in which he invites successful personalities and discuss their journeys. Abdullah was nominated for Asian Digital Entrepreneur 2020.

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