Ashton Traitor Teases New Release For Halloween

Ashton Traitor Teases New Release For Halloween

The Los Angeles rapper has been teasing with references to legendary horror movies on his social media channels this week. The latest Instagram story told us a little more.

From his music to his videos and social media content, Ashton Traitor is a genius when it comes to self-production. His whole work and image seems made out of one piece – because it pretty much is.

And the creative doesn’t fail to come up with new ideas and ways to catch attention.

In the last week, we could see in short snippets and photos, that Traitor is definitely getting into Halloween mood.

Tis the season – and this is the type of entertainment we love it for. Apparently we have to prepare ourselves for ‘Ashton Krueger’, after several hints pointed out he has jumped into the role of the legendary ‘Nightmare On Elmstreet’s character.

The shocking figure met his victims in their dreams in the movie, and made sure to stick around in the nightmares of almost anyone watching. We don’t know how the rebellious emo-trap rapper will merge the character with his
own, but we are pretty sure it’ll work. The young pioneer is no stranger to turning his demons and darker places into art, considering his repertoire is heavily built on the odd and taboo breaking.

Ashton Traitor, who has always hidden his face behind masks, hair and costumes, must love the Halloween season just as much as we do. And his fans now have every reason to be a little extra excited for next week.

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