Ayzo Capone is one to watch out of North Carolina

Ayzo Capone is one to watch out of North Carolina

North Carolina Hip Hop is underated. Thanks to J. Cole, Da Baby, Rapsody, Cordae, Toosii, and many many more, that is definitely changing. A southern state with East coast influences, the artists are very versatile. Ayzo Capone is certainly no exception to that rule.

Listening to songs from his latest work, you can describe Ayzo Capone as a gumbo mixture of styles. The versatility on the melodic pain drenched sounds on “BBV pt. 2” and the detailed storytelling on Keysha 2nd born further drive that point home. Both songs are featured on his latest release 13 Reasons Why Recovery.

You can hear the hunger in Ayzo’s music. It’s evident he’s fighting for his breakthrough at stardom. He’s got the sound, the catchy music, and the look to pull it off. Will he give us the undeniable hit record to make it all come to fruition? For now we will wait and see. Be advised though, Ayzo Capone is certainly one to watch out of North Carolina.

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