Basic and key points from Mr. Shahrokh Kiavash, a famous Iranian singer and musician about singing

Basic and key points from Mr. Shahrokh Kiavash, a famous Iranian singer and musician about singing

Having a good voice is not the only need of a professional singer, and if you want to start singing for the future of working and becoming a professional, you should learn singing techniques. Knowing the techniques and techniques of music is just as important, and having an experienced teacher will help you a lot.

Before you start, it is best to consult a musicologist to show you the right way

Relax your vocal chords before you start reading

– Do not force yourself to read with high notes

Drink plenty of lukewarm drinks

– Deep breathing practice

– Define the practice of the right time to breathe while singing

– Enjoy your singing (bag with yourself)

– Persevere and persevere

Start reading soft and light:

By choosing this type of beginning for singing, you make a quiet sound to start from the larynx, which makes you forget the tensions and continue your work in peace.

– High pressure and firm start

This method is a good choice that after becoming a professional and gaining experience and having inner peace, choose it to start reading and surprise your listener. In this method, reading begins with a vowel (like in Iran) which is exaggerated. In this case, first the vocal cords are completely closed and compressed, and then gradually come out of this state.

– Harmonized or balanced beginning

This method of starting in singing is a combination of the two previous methods and somewhere between the two. In the first case, the vocal cords were opened before singing and then closed, while in the second case, the vocal cords were closed before singing.

Of course, remember that the beginning of your singing and singing is determined by the song, the conductor of the orchestra and other things, and it is your teacher and instructor who determines what kind is suitable for you to start singing, but he also gives these recommendations. You can remember to practice and start your work.

Things to help you become a better reader:

– Interest in singing and singing

– Being realistic and putting aside unrealistic fantasies

– Choosing a professional teacher

– Perseverance, perseverance and perseverance

– Faith and belief in your ability

Having an interest in anything makes you overcome all the difficulties along the way and practice with more interest. This means that you will be more successful and a successful reader who first pays attention to the meaning of the poems, is aware of the weight of the poem, the style of the poem. To know, to know his poet, to make sure that the poem is written correctly, to be aware of its ins and outs, and to be able to establish a good relationship with the poem.

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