Basri Tokgöz: Our Event Sector Has World-Class Organization Capability

Basri Tokgöz: Our Event Sector Has World-Class Organization Capability

Basri Tokgöz, an experienced name in the organization and event sector, which is one of the sectors negatively affected by the pandemic, said that Turkish companies are professionally capable of doing business all over the world.

Noting that industry professionals took positions with the epidemic, Basriko General Manager Basri Tokgöz noted that he saw with past experience that Turkish organization companies can do business worldwide and that they will reach a significant business volume worldwide after the epidemic.

Basri Tokgöz evaluated the future projection of the sector as follows. ” The new normally will be done in accordance with the new situation at the events. We and our colleagues in the entire sector continue our preparations for the upcoming period. While focusing on future works, we also make maximum efforts not to make our employees suffer. During this period, we help our employees and subcontractors as much as we can, We are trying to protect our teams. We think that this effort, which seems like a burden at the moment, will turn out to be an advantage for us in the coming period. We should strive together not to cut off the sector’s employees from the sector. Turkish people have agile intelligence and high organizational skills. They can produce the right solutions in a short time. Positive developments in the vaccine and In the light of the evaluations of scientists, I think that there will be a movement in the sector as of the second half of 2021. Many postponed events in the country will come to the agenda. At the same time, I will host international events again. We will start the month. I am sure that many of our colleagues who produce services in the event sector will have the opportunity to do business abroad. To clarify why I have such an expectation, I would like to share an experience we had in the recent past.

IPO (International Product Organization) Europe Regional Meeting was held in Turkey in October 2018. As Basriko Ltd., we undertook the organization. IPO officials made many quests, including shifting the meeting from Turkey to another country. As a result, when it was decided to hold it in Turkey, they had very serious hesitations about the organization. Hesitations due to the fact that they do not know Turkey’s capabilities in this regard.

First of all, when the calendar started to work and the officials met us after Turkey came, their hesitations were largely eliminated. The organization was completed flawlessly and as a result, IPO officials not only thanked us and our team many times when we left, but organizations in Europe asked us if we would like to work with them.

This is just one of the events we are proud of on behalf of the industry. Therefore, I would like to underline again that; The Turkish entrepreneur has the qualifications to do business all over the world and will do so.

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