Best Social Media App suggested by Salem Alhajri

Best Social Media App suggested by Salem Alhajri

What is your favorite social media platform?

Instagram – I definite like and continue to like instagram the most.

Why is it your favourite social media platform?

Because it literally has everything. Pictures, videos, Direct msgs, live, IGTV, I also found myself and my fame through instagram. I also communicate with alot of my friends through instagram… I believe pictures speak louder than anything else and Instagram gives us exactly that.

Do you feel this app had given back to you in any way?

Yes for sure. For me, Instagram had given me the opportunity to be part of their community; I received an email from Instagram to be a participant of a campaign they had which is #monthofgood / they’ve also invited me to Master Class Dubai and showed one of my videos as a reference on how to create good videos on their presentation. It really means alot to me to be part of their community and feel Appreciate it.

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