Jonn Poker Does an In-depth Makeup Review of Jeffree Star’s Blood Lust Palette

Jonn Poker Does an In-depth Makeup Review of Jeffree Star’s Blood Lust Palette

Rising YouTube star from Toronto, Jonn Poker helps his viewers with an honest review of the entire palette and one of the glosses that Jeffree Star recently released.

April 16, 2020 – The makeup world keeps seeing new releases every now and then. With such releases, it can become tough for customers to decide on how good a collection is. In such situations, it becomes important to have an unbiased review of a product range. Jeffree Star being a major makeup influencer, recently launched his Blood Lust Collection. To review this collection, Jonn Poker did a makeup review on YouTube covering the details of the palette.

He starts by letting his users know that he paid 89 USD for the two products without any duties. He reviews the packaging and shows the detailing Jeffree Star put into the branding aspect. After this he describes the 18 shades which are mostly shades purple, shimmery pink, green, and yellow. His review mainly covered the aspects of consistency, pigmentation, quality, and if the entire collection is worth the money.

While he appreciates the quality and quirky shades of the range, he adds that the shades are not something that are must-haves in anybody’s makeup collection. He does swatches of the shades on his palm and tests them on his eyes. He adds that if somebody loves shades like purples and the likes of it, they would love this collection. For the gloss, he was impressed by its fragrance and the pigmentation and says that it can be put on even without putting any lipstick.

He mentions that the quality is on point and he was very satisfied with the shipping and the delivery time. He finally wraps up the video adding that it’s a perfect choice for anybody who loves such colors and totally feels that the collection is worth the money in terms of the quality. With so many paid sponsors going around YouTube, Jonn Poker’s video is one of the best makeup reviews of this collection and came across as earnest and absolutely unbiased.

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Based in Toronto, Jonn Poker is a young YouTube star who is on a journey to influence and entertain people through his makeup reviews, tutorials, and music videos. He calls himself “Androgynous, and OUT OF CONTROL”. He loves inspiring young people by urging them to be their real selves.

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