Brandon O’Neal, Owner of Luxe VVS Jewelers, Talks About the DNA of the Brand

Brandon O’Neal, Owner of Luxe VVS Jewelers, Talks About the DNA of the Brand

Luxe VVS Jewelers makes high-class diamond jewelry pieces at prices that even an average Joe can afford. In a world teeming with expensive diamond jewelry, this sounds too good to be true. But how does the brand offer such high-quality diamonds at low prices? Today, we have luxe VVS Jewelers’ owner with us, Brandon O’Neal, who will tell us how he manages everything so brilliantly. 

Q: A big thank you, Mr. O’Neal, for spending time and speaking with us today. Can you tell us the history of your brand?

A: Appreciate calling me today for this interview. Well, I spend a lot of time reading about how luxury brands became so popular and how they operate. It’s the journey of the brand that attracts me the most. I was into social media marketing and helped some of my customers get better deals when I saw that luxury brands were making huge profits without offering highly valuable products. That’s when I thought I could use this opportunity to start my own business.

Q: What would you say is your brand’s DNA?

A: Luxe VVS Jewelers’ DNA combines three things: hip-hop, luxury, and art. I love luxury brands, and I read about their unique way of doing things all the time. Secondly, I feel mesmerized to see different art forms like historical architecture, paintings, and sculptures. Lastly, hip-hop is something that motivates me every day. It’s more than just music to me. It’s the last piece of the puzzle that completes the DNA of Luxe VVS Jewelers. The brand is inspired by hip-hop, and it makes luxurious jewelry pieces, which are pieces of art with their own story to tell.

Q: Who are some of the celebrities that Luxe VVS Jewelers has already worked with?

A: We never imagined we would work with some of the most respected names in the hip-hop industry one day. But we are proud to say that Luxe VVS Jewelers is now the go-to brand of some of the biggest celebrities. That’s quite an achievement for us. NLE Choppa, one of the most popular rap artists, recently ordered a diamond necklace with NLE iced-out on top. Apart from NLE Choppa, we have also worked with Lola Monroe and King Los. 

Q: What aspect of hip-hop influences Luxe VVS Jewelers the most?

A: Good question. I look at hip-hop artists differently. While most people focus on the artist’s career and possessions, I look at what type of jewelry they wear. And in most cases, I find them wearing flashy diamond jewelry. That’s the thing about hip-hop culture. Their jewelry is more about matching those condos and fancy cars that they have. And Luxe VVS Jewelers wants to spread that hip-hop culture by telling the story of the customers. If you love someone and want to express it with unique diamond jewelry, we’ll make that happen. Just like we did for the necklace of Choppa. 

Well, it was incredible talking to you, Mr. O’Neal. We hope that Luxe VVS Jewelers gets all the success it deserves, and we sit to talk about it in another interview soon. Thank you so much.

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