Achieving staggering success as a luxury real estate agent, influencer and fitness model is Kianoush Darban.

Achieving staggering success as a luxury real estate agent, influencer and fitness model is Kianoush Darban.

The passionate real estate entrepreneur was raising high with his marketing and consultancy firm called KD Middle East for afew years and now he is one of top luxury real estate brokers in Dubai with proven records and many successful transactions throught Driven Properties

No matter how much ever we speak about individuals who are driven by their passion for doing something on their own and creating a legacy behind, the more we feel it is discussed less about them. It is important to hold discussions about these individual’s success stories for the world to know more and gain infinite inspiration. The real estate world has produced a vast number of talents in the recent past and when it comes to matching the luxury of Dubai’s real estate, you know the kind of experts that are needed to further take the industry to greater heights. This is when real estate entrepreneurs and sought-after luxury real estate agents like Kianoush Tahvili Darban enter the picture.

Hailing from Tehran, Iran, Kianoush Darban was born in 1978. As a child, he always wished to gain as much knowledge as possible and create a life of his dreams. Chasing these dreams, he studied medicine and then moved to the UK for studying computing.

His first professional job began in the year 2007. This is where Kianoush Darban started working with Phones4u, UK’s biggest phone retailers as a sales consultant. Working consistently in the same, he went ahead to become one of the leading most sales figures within the company and across the UK with proven records in sales, attaining great customer satisfaction.

According to Kianoush Darban, a positive mindset is one of the most essential aspects of becoming a high-performing professional and entrepreneur. This positive mindset of his took him from one place to another, helped him sharpen his skills, multiplied his knowledge and helped him become the sought-after luxury real estate agent he is in Dubai currently.

After his success at Phones4u, in 2012 he moved to Barcelona, Spain and gathered knowledge at DeVere Groups as a Business Development Manager. The real estate world was where he always wanted to be, looking at the unending opportunities it could offer him to grow his career. This motivated him to shift back to the UK in 2013 and start work in the real estate industry by working with Countrywide, one of the fastest-growing real estate companies as a Business Development Manager. Kianoush Darban excelled at carrying out market appraisals for new properties, valuations, surveying, negotiated sales, lettings, arranged mortgages and also trained his team to achieve and go beyond the monthly targets. He kept on working relentlessly in the same and earned the position of a Branch Manager at Bridgfords in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Dubai was a place that he believed could change his life and so to further bring his aspirations in the real estate industry into reality; he moved to Dubai in 2014. Within only a year, he grew his entrepreneurial spirit and skills and initiated his marketing and consulting firm ‘KD Middle East’ (KDME). It has an exclusive contract to work with Driven Properties, helping them with their property needs. Kianoush Darban excelled even at Driven Properties and in 2016-17 became a prominent Sales Agent of the year who has so far maintained that position and achieved much more.

There’s, however, more than what meets the eye in the case of Kianoush Darban, who is living his passion as a fitness model and influencer as well. The entrepreneur cum model is a sensation across UK magazines and TV shows as well.

In Dubai, he specializes in Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Bvlgari Residences and City Walk and has many other luxury projects under his leadership. To know more about him, follow him on Instagram @kianoush.darban.

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