YoungIke Is On the Path to Stardom

YoungIke Is On the Path to Stardom

Meet the 14 year old artist that has been creating a wave in the industry. YoungIke is a young rapper from the Greater Toronto Area that has been dropping music seriously, independently, and consistently, since March 2020.

During that period, he has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams on Soundcloud, and has millions of impressions from around the world. He started rapping as a joke when he was 12.

“I was on a video call with some old friends, we were doing homework, and I remember finishing it early, so I decided to make a track and send it to my friends to see what they thought. I remember it got around 10 streams on Soundcloud and I thought nothing of it.”

His story is a unique one. Going from that, to having a song with over 150 thousand streams on Soundcloud in less than a year?

“I also turned 14 a couple days ago. Since I started seriously in March 2020, most of my rap career, I was 13 managing everything, which was marketing, to mixing my music.” YoungIke has been doing this with no manager at all, all the work has been by himself. I am excited to see the huge success that will come towards this artist.

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