Bungie will uncover the inauspicious fate of ‘Destiny 2’ on June 9th

Bungie will uncover the inauspicious fate of ‘Destiny 2’ on June 9th

It’s about that season when Bungie uncovers the next significant Destiny 2 update, and enormous updates are coming up. The studio has posted a private Instagram video that prods an uncover for the “next chapter” of Destiny 2 on June 9th at 12PM Eastern. There’s just a short clip going with the news, however, it as of now says a lot about what you can expect in year four of the shared-world shooter. Alert: there are a few spoilers ahead on the off chance that you haven’t played a lot of D2 and its Shadowkeep extension.

The mystery shows Eris Morn, a partner, and frequent doomsayer, looking in harsh climate on what appears to be Jupiter’s moon Europa. Morn is obsessed with the encroaching forces of the Darkness (approaching since the time the first Destiny), and your adventures in Shadowkeep inevitably took you and Eris inside a pyramid on the Moon that takes after the dismal Darkness ships prodded toward the finish of D2’s original storyline. Darkness is coming, and Eris may play a key role in managing it.

It’s not sure what the new storyline will mean for gameplay, even though we positively wouldn’t preclude missions on Europa. Whatever occurs, it appears as though the bigger story arc of the Destiny saga is reaching a critical stage — this might be a more driven update than Shadowkeep, at least in terms of narrative.

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