Ceara Cavilieri Shows the World Her Vulnerable Side

Ceara Cavilieri Shows the World Her Vulnerable Side

Electro-pop artist Ceara Cavalieri gives the middle finger to all the fakes in her fiery new single “Damn.” The Californian is a UCLA graduate with a degree in psychology and is no stranger to observing the weird and wonderful behaviors of the human race. Despite her deep understanding of how our brain works, she still fell victim to the games of an ex-lover. “Damn” takes a departure from Cavalieri’s back catalogue, which often touched on lasting love, coming of age and self-empowerment, but we’re loving this new vulnerable side of the artist.

With an impressive falsetto, her soulful and sultry tones narrate her own experiences with a guy who completely pulled the wool over her eyes. “You had me wrapped around your finger until I finally ran away” she sings, a determination not to fall for the same mistakes twice.

Dancing inside a candlelit church, religious themes run throughout both the song and video, with Cavalieri singing, “I’ve been spending time at church, praying that I won’t get hurt” and “loving you is such a sin.” The 24 year-old musician brings a fun and lighthearted feel to one of the most annoying human traits – deception. Through colorful synths and soaring soundscapes, “Damn” makes you forget about all your worries. Cavalieri shares, “I wrote this song about a guy that I was dating who turned out to be a complete narcissist and con artist. He thought he was the best thing ever, and that he could get away with anything, including lying to me and cheating.”

“Damn” is a relatable anthem for our generation and will show you your worth. So turn it up loud and remember whose boss.

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