Floki Is the Next Big Thing In Crypto Market

Floki Is the Next Big Thing In Crypto Market

The birth of Floki has a very interesting anecdote behind it. Actually, on June 25th, 2021, visionary entrepreneur, Elon Musk announced that his Shiba Inu will be named Floki. Following the announcement online, a team of anonymous crypto developers launched a new token in the online crypto market as Floki. 

There were some initial hiccups and developers had to cancel their projects midway, however, a new team soon took up the project, and now it’s running strong across the world. 

Recently, Floki found itself in London’s transport system as several ads flaunting Floki Inu got pasted on walls. The ads informed investors that they could get Floki instead of Dogecoins. Such ads got tremendous popularity on London’s subway system, buses, and trains throughout October. 

Many people had apprehension about Floki before getting used to the same. Even London Transport officials also asked for a review for all crypto-related ads before getting the same placed on London busses and trains. However, the Floki Inu community got their homework done. Each of their ads contains warnings to investors regarding market risks associated with cryptocurrencies. 

Floki: A Crypto Revolution In The Making

Floki is not a general cryptocurrency. It has much brighter days ahead. Floki is set to become the people’s currency as most people will start completing their digital transactions using FLOKI instead of normal FIAT currency.  

It’s a revolution. Floki wants to utilize the power of memes, utility, and its charitability to empower ordinary investors to dream big and accomplish the same. Right now, Floki Inu is available on both PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

Top Three Aspects of Floki Inu


Memes form the core aspect of Floki Inu. The developers of Floki Inu believe if they want to popularise Floki Inu and empower the common people to invest in it, memes can help. Memes will make Floki Inu more popular among investors and inspire them to buy.


Team Floki believes it has strong fundamentals to make it big in the crypto market. The team has already come up with the concept of A Play-To-Earn NFT game—the project is currently under maintenance. 

The team’s upcoming game, Valhalla, is to help people and investors get used to the relevant concept of FLOKI before investing in it. Through this play-to-earn-NFT game, investors and participants will learn more about this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Through the use of lucid language, simple terms, and an interactive user interface, the Floki NFT game will educate people. 


Floki is a revolutionary concept. It goes beyond the concept of haves and have-nots. It doesn’t matter what your language, race, religion, or which part of society you belong to—if you own FLOKI, you are part of its community. 

Floki envisions a borderless world in which everyone completes their online digital transactions using Floki instead of traditional fiat or legal tender. 

The Future Ahead

Floki is a revolutionary concept. It envisions social equality, educational equality, no gender discrimination, and a dream of a better word for tomorrow. Floki has joined hands with Pencils of Promise to build plenty of schools in underdeveloped parts of the world like Ghana. Similarly, it is also taking a great initiative towards spreading the word about the importance of gardening. 

Floki community has recently taken the initiative of making people garden through its association with the Million Gardens Movement. It is likely to do its bit towards building a sustainable planet.

Investors shouldn’t delay anymore. If you wish to invest in Floki, do it now. Who knows Floki’s value might appreciate ten times soon. At present, the FLOKI movement has already got over 30,000 signatories indicating how big the movement has already begun. 

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