MJ Grizz Suggests Five Tips to Establish Yourself As A Musician

MJ Grizz Suggests Five Tips to Establish Yourself As A Musician

MJ Grizz is a Chicago-based indie artist enjoying huge popularity these days. His recent hits like Get You Right, Fell In Love, and Standards have resonated well with his fans and followers worldwide. Also, music listeners and critics are posting rave reviews online about MJ Grizz’s spectacular voice and lyrics. 

Most of his songs and tracks are mellifluous and magnificent. These songs can make anyone happy. MJ Grizz also attributes it to his personal accomplishment when he reads positive reviews of his tracks on YouTube and other online music forums. 

Inherent Penchant for Music

“Success may come or go, but your inherent penchant for music is essential. As far as I could remember, I have always been passionate about music and creativity. I still remember how I enjoyed listening to various music tracks of different musical genres for hours. I still do so. The feeling is absolutely fantastic. It also helped me learn everything about music from the start without any mentors,” MJ Grizz remarked.

MJ Grizz is a self-made artist. Whatever he’s today, the credit goes to his hard work, natural inclination towards music, dedication, patience, and sincerity for making him what he is today. 

Respect Others’ Viewpoints

According to MJ Grizz, a successful artist is one who takes criticisms with an open mind and moves on. Especially in any creative work, there’s always some scope for improvement. So, nobody can become perfect in a creative field. 

However, your ultimate goal should be to make perfect tracks and tunes as far as possible. Once a track is released on YouTube, just start working on the next track. Let music lovers come out with their own viewpoints and feedback. 

Luckily, in the case of MJ Grizz, he hasn’t received a single dislike on his tracks yet. It shows the kind of stardom that MJ Grizz enjoys as an indie artist. 

Collaborate and Join

MJ Grizz believes that collaborating with other artists is essential to getting more popularity. It is because you not only get to learn a lot of things from other artists, but you will also get more visibility. MJ Grizz has worked and collaborated with several indie artists in his career, including K Camp, Ye Ali, G Herbo, Ab-Soul, and Twista among others.

Be Unique

MJ Grizz believes in making unique tracks. He wants to offer new tracks and songs to his fans and followers. He follows his own musical genre while composing songs. Another interesting aspect about MJ Grizz videos is that each video comes with its own unique theme and lyrics. It’s indeed remarkable. 

MJ Grizz is also working on adding more animated characters and elements to his future video tracks on YouTube, which is in itself a marked departure from the run-of-the-mill raps and hip-hops.

Soothing and Calm Effects

MJ Grizz feels that every music lover listens to new tracks and songs to refresh themselves. So, it’s important that every track you come up with should have soothing and calm effects.

MJ Grizz opined that Chicago needs a change. It’s full of hip-hop and other kinds of loud music, but what we need today is calm and relaxing music, which can reduce the level of stress and anxiety of the listeners. 


MJ Grizz is happy that people are appreciating his talents and works. He also promises to come up with better work next time. His fans and followers idolize him on social media for his inspiring personality and immense talents. 

You can follow MJ Grizz’s life journey on his official Instagram handle.  

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