Cheap Condos for sale in Bangkok

Cheap Condos for sale in Bangkok

Are you looking for Condos for sale in Bangkok? Well, you better know the difference between condos and apartments in the first place. Plus, you also need to know what kind of condos design that you look for.

A condominium is different from an apartment, which means that they are assigned as a residential unit with ownership right to use or rent like those of apartments.

Having more than one tower, condos are considered as luxurious property. The condos are also the one that has many facilities that are considered luxurious. The security system is also more powerful and more preventive than an apartment. And why is that? Well, the reason is that condos are not usually used for daily living, but more into an entertainment place (a live-in one, of course). Which is why condos are usually inhabited by the richest people in town.

Around the world, the word condominium is more widely used by those who are struggling in the property sector, where since the last few years condominiums have been launched as new residential products for those who live in areas such as Jakarta and other big cities

But, the condominium is not a place for weekend living as well. So, this is the part where the confusion starts. Condominium, apart from all luxurious facilities, is not a weekend villa, we can say that. It’s more into a very luxurious living place only a few people can afford. However, is that profitable? Yes, because the rent price is extravagantly high.

However, at this time the difference between apartments and condominiums is confused because there are also many apartments that can be owned. The difference between them is not visible. Condos can be used as a long-term investment.

Condos for sale in Bangkok: Condominium Interior Design Tips

Chic and elegant

Elegant condos have simplicity as its main course. Yes, you don’t have to add too many attributes that don’t relate to simple living. Make it as minimalistic as possible. Less stuff means more value these days.

Inspired by Nature

Many things are now strongly related to nature. What do you do about this? Well, simply get more touch from nature. The simplest thing you can do first is to add more windows. It will save electricity as well as giving a touch of mother nature from sunlight.

Minimalist Condos for sale in Bangkok

To get a minimalist design, avoid using furniture or accessories that seem crowded or luxurious. Use simple and business stuff so that they become clean. Don’t hesitate to add some more hanging equipment.


Yes, this theme is now being desired by many people. As to fill in the market, just add some accents like wood or industrial metal look. There is a lot of interior design of the vintage style that you can follow in order to get this theme.

Plus, there is a lot of home décor store to buy some vintage or retro-designed interior furniture these days. It’s no longer a big problem. It will increase the value of your property of Condos for sale in Bangkok.

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