Comprehensively Understand the Project-DODOOR NFT

Comprehensively Understand the Project-DODOOR NFT

On Sep.26th, 2022, the mint of DODOOR NFT was officially on, and it took only 1 and a half hours for the team to announce “SOLD OUT”, as may this seems shocking, but it’s what we were expecting as well. DODOOR NFT has been watched by the NFT industry ever since it came out, loads of people were on the site in advance to get their DODOOR NFT, even with that, due to the limited collections of this NFT, there are still a bunch of people claiming that they couldn’t mint even one.


DODOOR NFT is the first project that team UD (Unlimited Dimension) launched, this team is committed to calling the world out for the protection of endangered animals in the form of NFT. DODOOR NFT as the first project of team UD (Unlimited Dimension), took the extinct animal dodo as the prototype, and the original art created by artist-Sower as a feature, created 1000 DoDo Bird images with independent characters, each with different appearances and personality characteristics.

In addition, the game DODOOR MEMO on the blockchain that is created by team UD(Unlimited Dimension) specifically for their holders will be officially on in October, which means if someone holds a DODOOR NFT right now, he has the chance to get the second project NFT for free through playing the game.

Is DODOOR NFT worth buying?

Of course! These are the 4 reasons to buy a DODOOR NFT:

Low price with a large increase. DODOOR NFT was minted on Sep.26th with 0.05ETH, team UD claimed that DODOOR NFT as their first project, was meant to call out for the attention and protection of endangered animals, so the price should not be determined by the team, it should be determined by every art enthusiast.

Even so it sold out upon sale and it’s still going up.As of 12pm on the 28th DODOOR NFT’s price has risen from 0.05ETH to 1 .5ETH,and its trading volume remains in the top 3 in OpenSea . Nobody can anticipate how far will DODOOR NFT go in the future, but based on what we have seen now, there is still a considerable possibility that the price will keep going up for the next week because there are still lots of people trying to buy it if they ever got the chance.

Empowerment. Team UD (Unlimited Dimension) is building UDverse at the moment, and DODOOR NFT is just a start, so far we know that GAMEFI – DODOOR MEMO will be released in October, every holder will be able to enter the game and have the chance to get a second project’s NFT for free, and DODOORMEMO as a P2E game, it offers more than NFT rewards, but ETH/USDT as well.

NFT IRL. Team UD (Unlimited Dimension) is planning on purchasing an island, they will connect UDverse with real life. And they will use all sorts of advanced technology to present all of their works on the island. Meanwhile, NFT merch, brand cooperation, holder’s membership, offline events, etc. will be possible as well. With that being said, DODOOR NFT is not only a jpeg., but a key to the future with unlimited possibilities like the origin NFTs of BAYC.

Keeping A Pure Goal. Back to the UD itself, the creation of UD is to call the world out for more attention and protection of endangered animals. Even though DODOOR NFT project is already sold out, but team UD still has an original goal, they claimed that they will be donating a portion of the profit to WSPA in the name of all UD holders, and this gives this NFT a whole new meaning.

As Yuga Labs, Doodles and other companies continue to lay the foundation for the Web3 brand, UD (Unlimited Dimension) seems unwilling to be left behind. As a new brand in the NFT industry, its first project DODOOR NFT seems to have performed a wonderful opening show for everyone. But for UD (Unlimited Dimension), this is just the beginning.

Company: Unlimited Dimension

Contact Person: Teresa Smith



Telephone: 917-859-1321

City: New York

Address: ATLANTA 1082 Hood Avenue

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