Could Don Diddy Be The Next Big Thing

Could Don Diddy Be The Next Big Thing

While 2010 may seem like a long time ago, the most significant difference in the past ten years can be seen in the music industry. In 2010, most of us sang Kesha “Tik Tok,” listened to tracks on the iPod, and stopped near Target or Walmart to buy a copy of their smash hit album.

A decade later, iPods and CDs were removed from the consumer experience, while streaming, vinyls, and amazing albums were the norm.

Back in 2010, we probably still bought songs for 99 cents on iTunes. A decade later, streaming is king, and brands like Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, and Pandora have been taken over. The current broadcast accounts for 80% of the music industry’s revenue, according to the 2019 Recording Industry of America’s annual report. Selling real music – i.e., CDs – makes up only 9% of the total.

These days, it’s not uncommon for an artist to release a single album or album without significant media commitment before release. This is where the new artist from Akwesasne Ontario, Canada Don Diddy, came in and made new music – his rap lyrics, singing work and different ways of presenting his voice is unique. Each track is exclusive and brings different flow, bars, and metaphors. He has been doing this for over five years, and everyone in his town doubts that he is finally getting more acceptance by having songs with the likes of Juice WRLD! He pulled out a snippet featuring a cover art with a previous artist, but it left a lot of people angry. No one knows if this is appropriate, but it was. Don bought a Juice Vesi from one of Juice’s manufacturers for the broken money, he said. He has been fighting with many local artists to show that he is the best in his city, and then he changed his ways and wanted to work for him, but they refused.

Don made many enemies by making many diss tracks for other local artists in his hometown. When he first appeared on the scene, he had a competitive nature of being “the best rapper alive.” Seeing that there were too many people in the art form, he changed his ways and decided to apologize to all the artists he had dissed with his latest song, “Dear Everyone I’ve Dissed.” One of Don’s heartbreaking tracks, and you can say he speaks from the heart with this one.

Now he’s doing great things with a song with Juice WRLD, and he entered the Jake Hill Rap Challenge with it getting over four thousand views, over two hundred likes and great comments in one of his posts, much to the surprise of Jake Hill who didn’t know the young artist yet. Despite all that we have achieved, we are seeing great things coming from Don Diddy as the year 2020 progresses, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for young artists.

You can stay up to date with him and can also connect with him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/rapperdondiddy/

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