Deepit Bhatti Poses For Slctve Soon After Dropping His Debut Single

Deepit Bhatti Poses For Slctve Soon After Dropping His Debut Single

Deepit Bhatti, otherwise known as Wrst Kid, has surely made a name for himself among well-known social media influencers and musicians. But facts show that he doesn’t mess up when it comes to business and that there’s more to unleash about the famous internet personality as he gives subtle hints about his business projects on his Instagram handle (@xeepit). 

The Instagram’s Resident is a huge business savvy but most people are unable to recognize that. His company CANCLD Media (Legally recognized as CANCLD LLC) is a US company, headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is hard to incorporate from a different residence. Many business owners dreams to have a company in the US but now many have the heart and curiosity to form one. Deepit managed to take the time to study and hack the system, resulting in getting benefits from a US company.

Now, with the latest release of his debut single ‘Clones’, the social media sensation took it to Instagram and shared a post, showing off his SLCTVE underwear, writing “Cop some cool products @slctve”

SLCTVE started as a merchandise brand for the Wrst Kid but has now decided to be recognized as a full-fledged Clothing Brand.

Deepit is working on more projects and is clearly taking no breaks. He does the most when it comes to business and monetizing his audience. Love him or hate him, the odds are in his favor.

To know more about Deepit Bhatti, follow him on:

Instagram : @xeepit

Facebook : @xeepit

Twitter : @dxxpit

Website : deepitbhatti.com/

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