Designa Individual Watches AVIA Series Celebrates Aviation in Posh Horlogerie

Designa Individual Watches AVIA Series Celebrates Aviation in Posh Horlogerie

Based in Germany, Designa Individual Manufacture is a brand that emerged from the passion of two artists who succeeded in gathering a team of craftsmen who would reshape the entire concept of watch modification, moving up one step at a time, turning craftsmanship into art. Working with high-end composite materials such as carbon fiber with a constant concern for innovation, striving to discover and improve their working techniques in order to create unmatched pieces.

With multiple modifications on several models produced by Rolex such as the Cosmograph Daytona, Sky-Dweller or GMT, these modifications are all made in a limited number, due to the uniqueness the brand wants to offer its customers. Continuous development allows it to reach new heights, therefore the union of traditional watchmaking combined with the latest high tech led to the Avia series, a collection consisting of three models: Avia Black, Avia Grey, Avia Red.

The basic model on which the modifications are made is a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 116500 which is designed to meet the demands of professional racing drivers, being an icon for the high-performance world of motor sport. With this project Diw symbolizes the union of two different fields: aviation and horology.

Combining the history of over one hundred years of aviation, 1906 marking the first take-off of a self-propelled aircraft, with the history of Rolex’s production of the Cosmograph Daytona model which totals 59 years, the result is the Daytona Avia series: light and durable, being an outcome of the finest visionary design.  High-end carbon fiber and quartz fiber are the materials used in the modifications made by DiW craftsmen, among the most remarkable in aviation due to its durability and lightweight properties that are the basis of aircraft designs.

One of the features that has drawn attention to this model is the decoration of the chronograph dial at 6 o’clock with a miniature model of a large aircraft, with the telemetric scale indicating the distance separating an observer from a phenomenon that is first visible and then audible. Equipped with caliber 4130, a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement developed and manufactured by Rolex, its architecture incorporates fewer components than a standard chronograph. The bezel and the back case are made of high-end carbon, with the strap being hand-made of nato-nylon, having two rows of stitching each with the specific color of one of the three models.

The receiving experience is a special one, as the watch is delivered to customers in a black box covered in velvet, made of oak. In terms of warranty, the Avia series comes with a seven-year warranty from Diw

The watch crafted by DiW offers aviation and horology enthusiasts the opportunity to symbolize both passions with a single item on their wrist, as Germany is worldwide renowned for its aircraft production and the brand has its origin in the same country, this model will be a particular hit with enthusiasts in both fields.

Alongside this incredible series you can find many other models on which the German brand has made its mark. If you’ve made it to the end of this article, you’re certainly captivated by what the DiW craftsmen are capable of, so I encourage you to visit their officiel website to discover more.

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