Diabetes a hard disease that put a heart on the danger

Diabetes a hard disease that put a heart on the danger

Diabetes is a growing metabolic disorder. According to scientific research, it is noticed that it affects more on women as compared to men. A person who is suffering from the disease is always at a high risk of other health problems. It includes kidney failure, heart disease, obesity, and visionary problem. As compared to an average person, a diabetic is always at high risk of heart failure and other heart problems.

For world awareness, every year on 14 November people celebrates diabetes awareness day. The purpose of the day is to provide education and awareness about the disease and how to manage it to avoid health complications. People consider that diabetes is a complicated and dangerous disease, that is if not managed properly.

Unmanaged diabetes puts the heart is on danger and it is reported that women’s death ratio due to diabetes and heart disease is more than men. Usually, patients suffer from peripheral artery disease in which blood supply to different parts of the body is insufficient. That is due to the vessels or veins are narrow down and can cause heart failure or amputation. Heart failure is another dangerous heart disease that diabetes patients can face due to unmanageable diabetes.

The increased level of obesity, unhealthy eating habits, poor lifestyle, and health management are considered as the common issues that lead diabetes especially type 2. In our society, people do not pay too much focus on the small details like what to eat, when to eat or how much physical activity is important for a healthy life. Diabetes is a lifestyle dependent disease that can manage and deal appropriately while following the best and systematic way that leads a healthy lifestyle.

For the treatment of the disease like diabetes or interlinked issues like heart problems and complication, a person needs to manage them. According to the expert and health advisors, it is noted and advised that if a person is diagnosed with diabetes type 2 that does not mean it is the end of life. It can be managed with healthy lifestyle settings. In this metabolic syndrome, a person’s body fails to respond to the insulin produced in the body. Or in some cases not able to produce enough insulin that is required to manage the blood glucose level. Results the high glucose in the bloodstream and damage the different body parts like eyes, brain, kidneys, and heart. Just to avoid the issue a person needs to maintain a moderate glucose level in the body with the help of medication or insulin.

By following the medication or taking insulin, it is necessary to follow the healthy lifestyle that can lower the glucose level and reduce the risk of heart failure, etc. in health management a person has to switch the eating habits like consume fewer carbohydrates and take whole food that slowly disgusts and becomes a part of the body. Another important way to keep yourself active for at least 30 minutes a day by adopting physical activity. It is noted that with the walk or exercise it is easy to control the glucose level. Other than that a person has to control and manage the stress and depression level and avoid the hectic and stressful work.

It is not impossible to live a healthy life with having diabetes. Multiple examples around us are managing and living a life full of excitement. Many celebrities are dealing with diabetes living a healthy life and doing everything just like a normal person is doing in life. Nick Jonas is an inspiring example diagnosed with diabetes type 1 at the age of 13. According to him, he considered maybe it is the end of life for him and he cannot do anything normal in his life anymore. But with the management and a healthy lifestyle following it is about 14 years that he is living with diabetes and a successful singer as well. Jonas said,” I found that diabetes is a very manageable disease.” He shares with the fans that “you must know how to prioritize your healthy lifestyle.”

With the healthy lifestyle and management of diabetes, you can control the risk of heart failure and enjoy life just as a normal person.

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