GoSafe is a Well-known GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Company

GoSafe is a Well-known GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Company

Gosafe is a well-known GPS tracking and fleet management company. Since its inception in 1999, the company has worked to create useful hardware and software solutions. Gosafe’s vision helps determine the quality of the products it produces, allowing logistics companies to track and manage their fleets more effectively. Doing this has made them stand out over a long time. The company is also involved in fleet management, insurance telematics, and vehicle planning, positioning and recycling.

We will briefly look at some durable GoSafe products.

GTU-5000 series

The GTU-5000 series is a vehicle location solution with multiple optional serial ports targeted to enhance the safety of cars, light and heavy trucks and other commercial equipment. The equipment is specially equipped with Geofence. The Geofence technology provides fleet managers with complete control and monitoring of instant notifications. The GTU-5000 series is a perfect device that has been packaged with a set of customized features to meet customer needs. The modular design also gives room for Bluetooth and 1-wire bus connectivity.  The 1-wire bus interface allows drive identification and temperature detection.  The GTU-5000 series is designed with integrated cellular, GPS and Bluetooth antennas. The highly flexible firmware allows full control of the device to report multiple events and operations.


The GAT-1000 is a new durable and robust resource tracker. It is designed for extreme weather conditions such as periods of extreme heat and cold. It is a complete package of trailer tracking resources. The system is equipment with detachable I / O cables and rechargeable batteries, as well as the latest industrial BLE onboard.


The GAT-3000 is equipped with an integrated light sensor that offers excellent visibility, traceability and control of intermodal trailers and containers almost anywhere. The GAT-3000 / 3000W series is a solar LTE platform that supports long-term remote deployment with less need to connect to a power source. Efficient solar panels generate a sufficient charge to keep the internal lithium-ion battery running forever. The ideal IP67 degree of protection is designed to meet the frequent needs of customer data in terms of long-term positioning, integrity and remote monitoring of resources.

G1C equipment

The G1C device is the smallest IP65 GPS tracker. Ideal for tracking motorbikes and power sports vehicles. It features a built-in high-sensitivity antenna design that can be mounted almost anywhere. It is simple and easy to connect. It can be connected to four wires. It has a time interval to change the course-based upload mode. The device can be brought immediately online and provides GPRS and SMS commands for control. The device is equipped with a three-way accelerometer.


The G3SC GPS / GSM tracking device offers innovative technology with flexible programming rules. These features make it valuable to many customers. This package is specially designed to help customers improve their security systems. G3SC is a reliable dual-band GSM / GPRS tracking device that has key features to meet the demands of most customers


The G6S package is one of the best products you can find in the market. The G6S is a reliable quad-band GSM / GPRS tracking device that also offers a 3G package as required by many customers. G6S is powered by a management and maintenance system for wireless devices (programming, updating and logistics system). FOTA (over-the-air firmware update), GSM interference detection and 28 hardware-based geo-fence make it the ideal choice to provide superior safety to vehicles.


The G737 is designed to track and manage people on probation, distance workers, distributors and family members. The device can be fixed to the lower part of footwears with a safe and comfortable fibre optic strap. It is an ideal tracking device.

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