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Difference between bed sheet, Duvet & bed cover

Difference between bed sheet, Duvet & bed cover

The bedding products are very useful for a normal person. As we all have the bed to sleep on, we usually use the bedding products for added advantage. The mattress, mattress protectors, bed sheets, blankets, bed covers, etc., are a few common bedding products that we use in our bedrooms. When you are new to the bedding decoration, then you have to carefully choose the products that suit the theme. If you are renovating the bedroom, then you need to buy the products that match the color theme of your bedroom. The most common things that make or break the bedding design are the Bed covers, bedsheets, and the duvets. If you are not sure what these are or don’t know the difference between these three products, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information about the Bedsheet, Duvet, and the bed covers. You’ll learn everything about the same and also be able to differentiate between them after thoroughly reading this article.

What is the Difference Between Bed Sheet, Duvet, and Bed Cover?


The bedsheet is the sheet that covers the bed. The bedsheet is commonly used to cover the bed or mattress. It is nothing but the protective shield on the mattress. It also serves the purpose of improving the look of the bed. It usually fits on the bed or the mattress. There are two types of bedsheets. The one is a normal bed sheet, which is just a piece of fabric. The second one is the fitted bedsheet, which has the elastic on the sides. The elastic ensures the grip on the sides of the bed or mattress. The bedsheet is usually used to cover the bed, and also add the beautification aspect to the entire bedroom setting.


Duvet is also the bedding product. It is nothing but the bedsheet, which has the filler material in it. The Duvet is very much softer and fluffier compared to the bedsheet. They are very much similar to the comforters. The Duvet is used as the bed cover and also the blanket by many people. It is of multipurpose use. It is usually filled with soft bird feathers for additional comfort. Not just the bird or artificial feathers, the duvets may have synthetic fibers or the spun cotton as the filler material. It is quite common in western countries compared to the eastern countries.

Bed Cover

A bed cover is simply the cover for your bed or mattress. It fits perfectly on your bed. It works similarly to the Bedsheet, but it has no designer value. The bed cover is only used to protect the mattress or bed from the dirt and other contaminants. Usually, the mattress gets dirty if we frequently use it to sleep or eat food on the same. That’s why using the bed cover protects the mattress from the dust, oils, or food particles. The bed cover is also known as the mattress protector. Bed covers are available in the fitted type, which fits perfectly on the bed. Most of the time, the mattress manufacturers will provide you with the generic or branded bed cover with the bed or mattress.

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