Drayson Little’s Impressive Dropshipping Success

Drayson Little’s Impressive Dropshipping Success

How do you survive in a competitive environment such as the e-commerce industry? Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from proven successes such as Drayson Little. This man has seen great results from his dropshipping career at an early age. He was still in his sophomore year when he began e-commerce in conjunction with his Shopify website!

Drayson runs several dropshipping businesses that have accumulated 6 to 7 figures in sales. Dropshipping, if you don’t know, is essentially a streamlined form of retail business where the seller accepts customer orders, but does not keep the goods sold in stock themselves. Over the years, it has gained increased popularity, with many ecommerce stores and individual eBay traders choosing this method of stock handling.

In terms of products, Drayson sells all sorts! He originally started off selling “just iPhone covers“ but as the years went by, he tested many different products, discovering what was popular and what wasn’t. A solid way to build up a winning catalogue, for sure. But Little also believes his success is down to his creative ad strategy, which helps to get his service found in what is a very competitive industry. He also believes that he has an understanding that, perhaps, some of his rivals lack in regards to impulse buying. Dayson states that he has an especially good understanding of what leads a customer to make an impulse purchase. This is certainly a good way to get in the extra sales, as many are made on impulse. Drayson also, rightly, points to good customer service and website design as being other reasons for his e-commerce success.

Interestingly, if Drayson had gone with his parent’s wishes, he would have been a doctor or a lawyer, but certainly not a businessman, as they believed business was a waste of time unless he became the next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos. But Drayson strongly disagreed with this viewpoint and did not let it influence his working life. Today, having made over $2 million in sales, Drayson Little has reaped the financial benefits from sticking to his wishes and has emerged as a major player in the business world.

As he says himself, being successful takes hard work and dedication, no matter the industry. He points out that the minute you throw in the towel is the minute you fail. Yes, your journey will be like a rollercoaster with ups and downs, but you have to keep moving forward, he says. He is not just talking the talk here, he has walked the walk, with a solid track record of high profits from multiple businesses and he is barely in his twenties!

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