E-commerce expert Trevor Fey shares his insights on automation and its potential for the future

E-commerce expert Trevor Fey shares his insights on automation and its potential for the future

E-commerce is booming globally with the potential to earn and automate your income. However, before you venture into e-commerce, Trevor Fey – CEO of Amz Services, believes that you need to be resilient, smart, and proactive.

Trevor and his team solve real-time challenges with regards to business listings and automation of e-commerce businesses for new-age business owners. Sharing insights about e-commerce automation, Trevor says, “Myriad websites offer free hosting if you want to set-up your free e-commerce website. Otherwise, list your business on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart. These sites extend opportunities to earn passive income and automate your business once the wheels start turning. However, you must have a sharp vision of selling, listing, and communicating the product you want to sell.” 

Trevor believes the e-commerce sector has a tremendous scope in automation. At 22, Trevor has taken his multiple e-commerce businesses to new levels, earning over 1.5 million in revenue. Besides, helping over 100+ businesses make thousands a month hands-free with his ‘Done for You’ service.

Trevor shares, “We help serious entrepreneurs earn passive income through automated follow-ups, after-sale services, clear-cut order processing, SEO, product listing, and the list just goes on. My experience has taught me that we should surround ourselves with productive people. It helps you get things done. It’s the same when I talk about the scope of automation, and it increases the potential for upcoming leaders.” Trevor Fey, being an e-commerce expert, promises to double his Amazon business revenue within the next year. It shows the power of automation of his business, which keeps multiplying. That has become possible because he invested in productivity that his team navigates further while he focuses on key operations like research and mentorship. 

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