Emerging Pop Star Ness The Kid Has Got Massive Plans

Emerging Pop Star Ness The Kid Has Got Massive Plans

Whilst most teenagers are busy streaming music on Spotify and SoundCloud, Ness The Kid is creating it. A young bloke from New York, having well over 75k monthly listeners, Ness is becoming wildly popular with the pop-culture crowd.Ness is a 19-Year-Old New York Teen, who broke into the music showbiz industry with hit songs Stacked Up, Down N Out, Made It, Dream On, all of them amassing millions of streams across major platforms on the internet.

Ness The Kid’s vibrant songs show in his style, he wields bright purple and pink hair which is well-liked by fashionistas. His debut single ‘Molly Single’ was an instant hit making him go viral on different fronts of digital space. One of them was the famous game among kids, Fortnite. There are over ten thousand Fortnite videos with Molly Girl playing in the background.“Ness The Kid’ music is a treat and tonic for my soul, I listen to him when I am down and his voice always manages to cheer me up”, says one of his fans. The Kid has seen support from big names of the industry such as Elevator and No Jumper in the form of features and appreciation. American Journalist and pop-culture enthusiast Adam John Grandmaison also praised the rising hip-hop artist.

Last year alone, the young artists’ songs have amassed a mind-boggling number of views which falls a little over 5 Million. All of this showcases Ness The Kid’s sheer tenacity to make a name for himself in the industry which he is not far away from doing. Youtube channels dedicated to bringing the best and most recent Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, & Trap music as well up and coming artists periodically publish Ness The Kid’s songs.Elevating sounds talked about the young artist saying “Ness The Kid 19-year-old artist out of Huntington, Long Island has been getting massive recognition recently from his songs “Stacked Up” & “Love Me” as they have accumulated millions of streams on Soundcloud.

Ness is truly in his own lane, with his distinct sound & unique look, he really should be looking forward.”With his infectious energy and young age, Ness The Kid might just be the disruptor hip hop industry needs.

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