Entrepreneur Matt Mahvi shares insights on what the future holds for Cybersecurity

Entrepreneur Matt Mahvi shares insights on what the future holds for Cybersecurity

Keeping our personal and professional data secure matters more with each passing year. Those who do not take cybersecurity seriously, do so at their peril, just ask Matt Mahvi. The serial entrepreneur immersed himself in the field of cybersecurity and telecoms when he was 12 and since then has been personally involved in stopping more than 3.5 million individual attacks.

That’s a lot of numbers and the reason why the owner of cybersecurity company Staminus has been invited to sit on cybersecurity panels across the world. As the go-to-authority on the future of cybersecurity, Mr. Mahvi has kindly agreed to share his insights on what the future holds for the industry.

Multi-Factor Authentication Will Become The Norm

The whole of society is moving online. All facets of our everyday life are being slowly digitalized. As the number of internet users grows significantly, so too does the amount of time we spend online and the number of opportunities for criminals to steal and exploit our data. The internet has often been linked to the Wild West because bandits and thieves lurk in every corner waiting to pounce. As cybersecurity becomes more sophisticated so too do the criminals, As such, multi-factor authentication will become must protection for all your online accounts. Using your phone as a physical key to your email login and routinely changing your password is the bare minimum you will need to do to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Artificial Intelligence Will Rule The Roost

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a key factor in cybersecurity systems for some time. Machine learning algorithms are important because they allow for the automation of tasks. Al is not emotional and can make decisions faster than the human mind. Although AI is not infallible it is constantly evolving. AI can detect security issues before they can be exploited by hackers and effectively combat cyber attacks before they can cause untold damage. In the future AI will also be used to simulate potential network attacks to identify weak points within the system. AI is very much the future of cybersecurity and will be more than a match for the most ingenious criminal mastermind.

Hackers Will Become A Dying Breed

With the rise of AI and more sophisticated layers of security, hackers will have their work cut out, and it’s predicted they will eventually give up individually attempting to sabotage your system and steal your data, and opt to solely use automated scripts instead. Every minute of every hour of every day, cyberattacks are already carried out using automated scripts. They work by trawling through your databases in an attempt to exploit vulnerabilities. The scripts of course have to be created by a tech-savvy individual but there’s nothing to stop them from selling them on to other criminals. In the future, we expect to see a lot more of this as cybersecurity will become more reliant on AI than ever before.

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