How Diouldé Barry Traversed Impossible Odds and Became a self-made Millionaire

How Diouldé Barry Traversed Impossible Odds and Became a self-made Millionaire

Many entrepreneurs have created a wondrous turn of fortune for themselves with sheer commitment and a drive to succeed no matter what. And then there are some who do it even if their only way forward is to swim upstream. Here’s an exclusive interview with one such entrepreneur, Diouldé Barry who talks about his inspiring journey. Let’s delve.

It was no bed of roses for Barry

Barry was really in a fix when he was asked to vacate his apartment because he couldn’t pay the rent. That moment struck Barry like a lightning bolt. It changed him completely. It prompted him to start his business quickly.Barry shares, “I still have the text message from my former landlord. Itcontinues to remind me where I have come from and keeps me grounded. It gives me more motivation every time when I wanna achieve something.”

Starting a wave of e-commerce

Barry was the first person in France to have partnered with a brand for an Instagram influencer promotion activity. After which people in huge numbers amassed around Barry seeking his advice on doing e-commerce the right way. Feeling overwhelmed as well as obliged, Barry has planned to launch a new program by the name‘Branding Mastery’on December 13th where he will be seen uncovering various ingenious time-tested techniques that he has been usingin the e-commerce trade. He owns a brand by the name Health Nutrition that has made more than 5M€. Barry evenofferslife motivation courses. His online course ‘Your humanpotential’is already a best seller.

Ask him what makes him distinct from other e-commerce entrepreneurs and coaches he says, “Our product is different because I explain step-by-step from how I started from scratch right all the way up to how I became amillionaire in two years. More importantly, I show everything as it happenedin reality. I’ll start with a picture of a broke version of myself at the beginning of the video and work my way up to what I am today to show exactly what I did with proof.”

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