Excelling in his endeavours like a high-performing Digital Entrepreneur is Daniel Oche Onoja

Excelling in his endeavours like a high-performing Digital Entrepreneur  is Daniel Oche Onoja

There are a few tips that Daniel, as a successful network marketer shares with others for making it in the industry like a pro.

Since ages people have been talking a lot about how easy or difficult it is to make it in the vast industry of network marketing, especially when it concerns financial technology or forex trading. However, those who are determined individuals do not take a no for an answer, and Daniel Oche Onoja tops the list of such individuals.

This Nigerian youngster, born in 1989 in the northeastern state of Borno but hails from Benue state believed in himself and broke all the barriers of the traditional workings of the digital entrepreneurial world to emerge as a powerful network marketer into digital financial products.

What has made Daniel the excellent digital entrepreneur and financial educator he is today, earning a Blue diamond rank at Omegapro, one of the leading and globally recognized financial technology companies, is his incessant hard work and perseverance to make a career of his choice and do the greater good by coaching people for success through the same.

To help all others aspiring to make it in the network marketing industry like Daniel, the Nigerian entrepreneur has come up with few of his success tips for the industry, which has helped him as well in his career.

• Be ethical and genuine: Show people how different you are from your contemporaries who only use hype and deception to lure people to get them as new recruits. Daniel says people must focus on being honest in their dealings and not over exaggerate or make false claims.

• Identify the target audience: Not anyone and everyone who comes in contact with you can become your target audience, Daniel points out. One must be well aware of whom they wish to target to better reach only those people who are interested in using the products and services through network marketing.

• Stand out from others: As a network marketer things might get tough when there are many others in the saturated industry, but one can make efforts to offer the same things in a unique way and try to educate them the most accurately, which can help them stand out from the rest, Daniel further explained.

Daniel honed his network marketing and leadership skills by joining the GLE Team and turned into an active leader under Paulo Tuynman, his mentor. Through Paulo, Daniel got in touch with Omegapro, where he works currently as a network marketer who has already reached the Blue diamond rank, one of it’s kind instance for an African.

His years of knowledge has motivated him to become a financial coach who loves guiding people in digital financial products and shares the Omegapro opportunity to them every day within a robust team of 20K happy member spread across the world.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at

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