Excelling in the field of information security in the UAE with his technical prowess and passion is Waheed Al Marzooqi

Excelling in the field of information security in the UAE with his technical prowess and passion is Waheed Al Marzooqi

He is a phenomenal security expert, who has made it his mission to shield his country from all cybercrimes and hackers.

Everybody whom we look around us has dived deep into the online world to carry out all their working and businesses, since the digital wave has made it much easier for each person coming from different business industries and otherwise to handle everything with only a click. Today, consumers as well have resorted to shopping online and managing their day to day activities with the increased use of the digital world. The social media platforms as well have been found to have profound effects on people, especially kids and the youth as it influences them in ways more than one. More such advancements lead to many more illegal online activities, cybercrimes, the threat of online hackers and viruses. To protect people and spread awareness amongst them regarding all these grave issues, security expert Waheed Al Marzooqi has come at the forefront to shield them from all such electronic threats and rescue them from the many electronic security breaches that a country may face due to outside hackers and external forces.

Marzooqi is one of those rare talents hailing from the UAE who always showed a passion for doing something for his country and addressing security issues that go beyond borders, posing a threat through the electronic mediums. This quest of his to serve his country being an expert for cybersecurity, the incredibly talented technical genius decided to safeguard his country from the external risks and also spread awareness about the same for people to stay safe from such online threats, extortions, etc.

Marzooqi entered the field back in the year 2006 and since then has worked incessantly, where he has served a huge part of the society in the United Arab Emirates. His technical prowess and excellent market awareness helped him to deal with cases of electronic theft and extortion from outside the country. However, his growing presence in the information security and smart devices field, helped Marzooqi carve his unique position, at such a level that he got the opportunity to serve other Gulf countries and the Arab world as a whole. He went ahead and even assisted several Arabs, famous personalities, artists, and many others.

Born in 1989, Marzooqi wears the hat of the young and dynamic CEO of Technical Support Company that works to secure sites and electronic calculations. To protect his country from potential threats, Marzooqi also keeps an eye on the hacking community across the world. He acts as a social counsellor as well, where he helps spread awareness about social media sites and has advised the community on the same from 2015 to 2017.

Apart from being an intelligent and astute security expert, Marzooqi has impacted many people in society with being a humanitarian and providing free technical help to all those who needed it. His excellency in his work has earned him great honours and certificates as well throughout his career. He has also written several newspaper articles on the importance of cybersecurity and how people must be aware of electronic threats; this got him featured on various TV interviews for his expertise.

The talented mind has achieved so much success at such a young age also because of his resilience and his adaptability to keep updating himself as per the latest trends in the field.

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