“Fashion is a way of expressing my personality” says Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer, Rahul Mehra “(theeffortlesschap)”

“Fashion is a way of expressing my personality” says Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer, Rahul Mehra “(theeffortlesschap)”

Rahul Mehra, the fashion and lifestyle influencer from Kolkata, India has become one of the talkative subjects lately. With his good looks and captivating personality, he has been able to make himself a known figure. He is growing his presence hand over fist across social media. He has many perspectives to share and the ability to connect with much larger segment of society than most. We’ve got together with Rahul to ask him a few questions about his work and life.

How did you decide to be a fashion influencer?

The thought of becoming an ‘Influencer’ wasn’t the goal. It was my love for fashion and everything related to that industry which influenced me to start my own Instagram page where I could keep track of upcoming trends as well as create posts regularly. I came across various Instagram handles of prominent influencers which made me realize that this field of work has a lot of opportunities and what more I could monetize my passion as well.

What is your favourite part about being a fashion influencer?

There is no way I can limit that down to just one thing. That’s a very tough spot to be put in. Having said that, one of the exciting things this profession affords me is the fact that I get to meet new, talented and creative people every single day. There is something to learn and pick from every single person you meet. That is perhaps my favourite part in this line of work.

Describe yourself in 3 words?


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion for me is a way of expressing my thoughts, my desires and my personality. It gives me enough confidence to present myself in front of the world, without having to do something extraordinary. I like to let my outfit speak for me. Stay Fashionable, Stay Irresistible.

Which social networks do you prefer?

Instagram is my go-to app. One can easily connect with people who see the world in an interesting way. The way technology is advancing, I believe Instagram is the first choice for both brands as well as creators.  Also, this app has been a major reason behind the success of renowned entrepreneurs, content creators and social media influencers who I look up to today. It’s a great platform for instant popularity and breaking barriers in terms of creating content.

What advice would you like to give to the future influencers?

Stay consistent. Focus on your content and be creative.
Also, I would like to take to add, Please don’t adopt this profession as a career choice if your prime motive is to earn money out of it. Honestly, in a long run, you would not survive in this line of work at all. Put your heart in your work, be obsessed with improving yourself and your content every single day. Never lose the love to learn and money will follow.

Lastly, what about your future goals ?

I am very excited about the collaborations that are in the pipeline. Also, I am about to start my own YouTube channel soon which is going to be about all things Fashion and Lifestyle. There is a lot to look forward to. I am taking fashion to the forefront with quite a few exciting collaborations on the way. Stay tuned to my feed on Instagram @theeffortlesschap for all the updates.

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