Next wave of Internet Superstars will come from Regional Markets: Arvin Subramanian, Author – Get Vocal for Local

Next wave of Internet Superstars will come from Regional Markets: Arvin Subramanian, Author – Get Vocal for Local

Arvin Subramanian, a 29-year-old Digital Marketer from Chennai released his hand book “Get Vocal for Local” last week. The Book has been the Best Seller in its category ever since release!

Through his book, Arvin has put forth many key insights on understanding the online behaviour of regional, rural internet users and presented ideas for brands to serve them better digital content.

Arvin Subramanian is the author of “Get Vocal for Local”, the book which is currently the best seller in its category – Urban and Regional. About the theme of his book – Arvin considers getting local is very vital in today’s scenario. With new users from regional, rural markets joining internet on a daily basis, it is important that the brand communicates to them in a relevant manner. Through his book, Get VOCAL for LOCAL, he offers various plans, strategies to effectively localize content with the help of real-life case studies.

Arvin has done an in-depth investigation on the online behaviour of the regional, rural internet users. Arvin says, “Para-social bonds are one-way relationships that users form with a celebrity. The user relates to a celebrity like a family member or a friend, while they may have not event met in real life. Social Media has given an interesting twist to this para social relationship. As Celebrities are active on their social media pages. It brings them closer to the users like never before. Rural audience relish this kind of access to the stars.”

Arvin has cited many research papers and case studies to back his claims in the book. “The watch time of regional entertainment videos are at an all-time high. Interviews, Songs, Trailers, teasers of Celebrity related content garner tremendous engagement. The availability of two-way communication, in the form of likes, comments is partly responsible for this trend. Earlier Claps, whistles were the only way of showering their love for their stars. With internet, they have this access to comment their opinions, send messages and interact with the stars directly. Thus, Celebrity Brand endorsements – clever product integrations will have a larger impact with regional audience.”

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