Kwazi Cort – A British Musician who has carved his own niche in the music industry.

Kwazi Cort – A British Musician who has carved his own niche in the music industry.

He finds solace in music and is dominating Rock ‘N’ Rap world with positive approach and unique perspective.

In the rapidly changing music industry, many musicians arrive only with their talent and hardworking ability and create a special place for themselves in the hearts of millions of fans – Kwazi Cort is also one of them. Born and brought up in UK, Cort had a very troubled and traumatizing childhood which had a very negative impact on him. His reason for choosing music is very meaningful “He says that he found his true calling and passion in music, which is his way to escape from the many grim and harsh realities of life.” Coming from the community in South London especially known as the breeding ground of rap, Cort has captured the Rap ‘N’ Rock world since the release of his first single Trapstar. His mesmerizing voice combined with the meaningful lyrics reaches the souls and minds of the listeners on a deeper level. He draws inspiration from many leading artists, especially legends like Jay-Z for his business metallics and Kanye West. Cort has mastered the art of rap in it’s purest form and along his musical journey to Camden he has discovered the genius of Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd.

He is the pioneer of a new generation of music, which is a beautiful mixture of grin rap flows and rock elements called ‘GROCK’. Taking into account the massive success of his first song, Cort decided to create a sequel called Trapstar II, in which he depicts himself as an astronaut taking listeners on a deep space journey to interstellar space along with him. The music in this single is extremely catchy just as all his other singles.

With this incredible talent and passion for music, Cort has a very long and promising journey ahead. His sincere and soul snatching depiction of life through his songs has a very long lasting impression on his fans and is guaranteed to set many more records and inspire aspiring musicians in the times to come.

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