Find Out About Archit Kumar: A Young Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Expert

Find Out About Archit Kumar: A Young Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Expert

Archit Kumar is a young entrepreneur who has established himself as a well known name in the digital marketing industry of the country. He is the founder and CEO of ‘architdigital’ that is a recognized and trusted digital services provider.

Born on the first of November, in the year 1999, Archit Kumar comes from the city of Madhubani in Bihar. He has a degree in BCom from the RK College in Madhubani.

Archit Kumar is one of the youngest and most successful digital experts in India. This is the primary reason why he is exceedingly popular as someone inspirational for people looking to start early in life. Talking about the same, Archit Kumar said, “I began early because I’ve always had the mindset of a hustler. I just couldn’t focus solely on academics and then explore new pathways in life. I took a liking for digital marketing at a young age and decided to just dive in and start building the required skills, connections and networks. I think all the years that I invested in gaining knowledge and applying it have finally been extremely worth it.”

Archit Kumar’s ‘architdigital’ offers a wide range of modern digital marketing services and techniques that include but are not restricted to SEO optimization, press release, website development and online marketing. Archit Kumar has a large clientele that consists of big spending businesses and brands, social media personalities, Bollywood celebrities and artists and other people from the showbiz world.

As a digital marketing entrepreneur and expert, Archit Kumar has consistently ensured that quality is delivered every single time. This is one of the reasons why his customers keep returning to him for digital services and recommend him to other people as well.

Currently, Archit Kumar is looking to expand his business internationally and offer digital services and solutions to a larger market.

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