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Finding Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Finding Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Having your own personal pool in the backyard is every person’s dream. It does not just help to increase the overall value of the property; it also gives you the means to cool down and relax during the hot and humid days of the year. A swimming pool in your backyard will also mean poolside parties and enjoyment. It is important for you to understand that a swimming pool demands a lot of care and attention from you on a timely basis. You need to clean the pool water regularly, ensure a clean area around the pool, and ensure that the pool is ready for a swim anytime you want.

When it comes to a swimming pool, there has to be a fence around the area. Talking about pool fences, there are several options for you. Some opt for wooden fences, some go for glass fences, and some opt for just a concrete border around the pool. There is a fair share of people opting for glass fences since it makes the pool area transparent and also enhances the beauty of the pool. If you wish to go for the glass fence, you will come across several professional installers who can help you with the job. A reliable and reputed company that can help you install a glass fence around your pool is Glass FX.

About Glass FX

Glass FX is one of the most reputed and reliable installers of glass fences around your pool. The company is basically a family-owned and operated company with services spread across several parts of Australia such as Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast. The company has been in operation for more than 12 years and the combined experience of their staff comes to more than 30 years.

Started in the year 2004 by Michael Stuart, Glass FX makes a neat combination of superior workmanship, hardware, and reasonable prices. They work for their customers in a professional manner and are also the preferred installer for Polaris Soft Close Hinge.

Services Provided

Glass Pool Fencing FX provides a wide array of services to its clients. Some of their prime areas of expertise have been discussed below for your reference.

  • Frameless Glass Pool Fencing: The vast experience of Glass FX plays a crucial role in helping them custom design frameless pool fences for their clients in order to achieve maximum aesthetic appeal and maximum function without putting security and strength to test. Frameless glass fencing happens to be a unique idea as far as pool fencing is concerned as it offers an unrestricted view of the pool and the people inside. It is also the most difficult fence to climb without the presence of frames or bars to assist in climbing.
  • Frameless Glass Balustrade: When it comes to installing a frameless glass balustrade, Glass FX is the leader in such projects. Frameless glass balustrading helps to increase the space of your property, the overall view of the property, and it also helps to enhance the light entering the property. At the same time, it also provides proper safety for you and your family.
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