Why Jonn Poker Is Tired of Being Compared to Jeffree Star?

Why Jonn Poker Is Tired of Being Compared to Jeffree Star?

Jonn Poker gives a fitting reply to those commenting on his style and drawing incessant comparisons with Jeffree Star.

The internet can become a tough space to be in especially with the trolling mentality. Whether it’s Hollywood stars or politicians or social influencers, the rising trend of spreading hate over content is quite baffling. If one browses through the comments section of any photo or video posted by a YouTuber or Instagrammer, it’s clear how much negativity that section can hold.

Being a content creator or social personality can really take a toll on any person. One of the latest ones who have addressed this issue is Jonn Poker.

Jonn Poker is a rising YouTube star based out of Toronto and is known for his unique and colorful makeup tutorials. He has a substantial follower base on both YouTube and Instagram and this also means that there’s a substantial amount of hate comments as well.

In one of his recent videos on YouTube, he addressed the topic of the continuous comparisons that were made with Jeffree Star.

“Jonn Poker on the left, Jeffree Star on the right”

Several comments have been insinuating that he deliberately copies Jeffree Star or that he is a “cheaper version” or a “Target version” of Jeffree Star.

Jonn answers to this issue by saying that growing up he has always been over the top and androgynous and developed his love for makeup by watching videos by Jeffree Star, James Charles, and others. “Just because I am blonde, I have long hair, or I talk moving my hands a lot, that doesn’t mean that I am necessarily imitating someone”, He argues on his video. He goes on and further adds that what he portrays is the best version of Jonn Poker and not a cheaper version of anybody else.

He says that he is happy to take these comparisons as compliments until they don’t cross the limit and question his struggles and passion for what he creates. These offensive comments will not deter him from continuing on his journey and love for YouTube. He also alludes to the fact that he might consider transitioning into a real woman in the future. For those who enjoy his content, he said that he is currently filming an ASMR video and will launch it very soon.

For more information on Jonn’s background, visit his website, https://www.jonnpoker.com/

To watch the video that Jonn posted, please click

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