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Garden Lighting Trends

Garden Lighting Trends

If you are a homeowner, you may have noticed how you are more than likely spending more and more time in your outdoor living area, that activity made possible by the use of modern exterior lighting. What makes this lighting even better, is that it is not only functional, but it is also attractive. Because of this, you no longer have to move indoors after the sun has set. On top of providing you the lighting that you need to enjoy the outdoors after sunset when you place your lights in just the right way, it is going to help you create a certain ambiance or mood within your yard, helping draw your attention away from any problem spots, highlighting the special features that you love.

While it is not going to take a genius to understand how beneficial outdoor lighting from can actually is, it is going to become overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what options to go with in what can seem to be a never-ending amount of choices. Here are some of the top garden lighting trends that you may want to consider using in your garden.

Say Goodbye to Bland

While using white lights may have been the best (and only() choice for you to light up your garden, you can now take advantage of color filters, creating a wide range of colors to compliment your plants, stylize your entertaining area, and even accent your lawn décor. What makes these color filters even better, is the fact that you can simply use them over your existing white lights, helping to bring out a little bit more warmth and creating a cool tone. When done correctly, you can use these color filters to focus attention on the highlights of your garden.

Little Lights are In

Taking a bunch of smaller lights and amassing them together so that you can hide them in plants and walkways is going to be extremely attractive, as well as popular at the current moment. This will not only help to make your garden look amazing, but it will also add some depth to your area as well.

Make a Statement with Lights

Compared to smaller lights, using big, bold, feature lights are also going to be a very popular garden lighting trend. In fact, there are going to be some very amazing looks that you can create by combining white lights and colored lights (the ones that are known as glow balls and illuminated globes). And since they are going to be relatively inexpensive, you can utilize them to create some very sophisticated looks, but on a small budget. And if you are looking for something that is a little bolder, you may want to consider the use of novelty lights. When it comes to this particular type of outdoor lights, they can be found in a wide variety of different finishes that can be connected to support the theme of your décor, including gardening, nautical, animals, etc. 

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