FNF MEDIA has unmatched digital solutions for every business!

FNF MEDIA has unmatched digital solutions for every business!

In this ambitious digital world, where most digital agency owners struggle to mark their steps in this industry, there are very few who end up establishing themselves here as it is not like walking on the grass. If you have talent, it does not matter where you come from, you’ll get success. There are several people who came as a nobody from small towns and made the rags to riches story true.
Here’s the story of a 25-Year-Old Bihari guy coming from Patna, also known as YOUNGEST INFLUENCER MARKETING ENTREPRENEUR, Rahul Kumar Pandey.

At the times when the world of business is ridden by technology and the popularity of various social media platforms is widening fast, no business can grow without making their presence felt here. Every business looks for a well developed digital marketing solution which can help them make best foot forward on social media platforms.
Rahul Kumar Pandey, Founder & Managing Director of FNF MEDIA – An Influencer Marketing Venture is a young digital entrepreneur specialized in developing marketing plan and strategy for businesses, brands and celebrities by using the digital techniques and influencers to expand themselves on social media.

He founded FNF MEDIA in November 2017 on a motive to provide tailor-made solutions suitable as per client’s requirement that too at very competitive cost. His efficient solutions have brought him renowned brands, artists & politicians, also with just one intern, the workforce gradually expanded to a digital network of 10,000+ influencers across the globe!

Mr. Pandey Says,

“ In this pandemic situation of COVID-19, the world focus has entirely shifted to social media platforms, and every business is shifting or molding it’s strategies around their online presence. The global economy is going through extremely critical time & transformation and now this is the time where our work has become more responsible. As a digital marketer, it is our duty to help them to expand themselves on social media platforms effectively, so that they can sail themselves through this difficult time.”

He further added that,

“ Influencer marketing has become extremely competitive and technology driven. It is not easy to understand social media platform’s algorithms. We have a team of technical experts who keep a close eye on it and accordingly develop solutions. My team, including me keep ourselves updated with all latest trends and developments, we keep ourselves well versed with every new tool that is introduced and how effectively we can use it to provide best results to our clients. ”

At present, FNF MEDIA has established ongoing businesses with conglomerates such as Balaji Telefilms, ICICI Bank, Reliance Entertainment, Kajaria Tiles, PCRA, Excel Entertainment , etc. and It’s constant endeavor towards excellence has resulted in a million turnover in the last 3 years. Rahul Kumar Pandey has great plans to excel as an entrepreneur and has a vision to take FNF MEDIA to a new height, ensuring each and every client approaches must be able to gain maximum benefits from the services and succeed with the results.


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