Forever Fre$H – the New Wave of Haitian-American Hip Hop

Forever Fre$H – the New Wave of Haitian-American Hip Hop

Haitian rap music has often been overlooked in the mainstream world, but that’s changing as up and coming Haitian-American artists are quickly making their mark in the rap game. One such artist goes by the name Fre$H or as the world will come to know him as, Forever Fre$H. This Haitian American hip hop artist hails from Broward County, Florida.  He’s got swagger and original style that few other Haitian American rappers can match.

Who Is Forever Fre$H?

Money Sign Fre$H, or Forever Fre$H, is a Haitian American hip hop artist from Broward County, Florida. He was born and raised in Haiti before his family immigrated to America . From there, he discovered hip hop music at an early age which has been his inspiration ever since. One day, he hopes to bridge the gap between Haitians living in Haiti and those living abroad with his uplifting sound.  His ultimate goal is to see himself as a global figure representing all things Haitian and Haitian-American. His voice  is  often monotone, but can rap both in English and Creole; this gives him a versatility that separates him from other artists. It’s safe to say he’s got what it takes to make it big in the world of hip hop. His sound is unique, authentic, passionate, and relatable. When you hear his lyrics you’ll feel inspired and empowered to chase your dreams!

His strength

Fre$H attributes his strength to his Haitian roots and culture. Haitians are strong people and survivors, according to him, and this resilience has enabled him to persevere in the music industry.  He claims that it is not just about Haiti’s resiliency but also his own as an artist. “When I first started out it was difficult because I didn’t have a lot of support from my family. It took me many years before I got any recognition on an international level.  With so many up-and-coming artists, it can be a costly and overcrowded industry. I think everybody should find their niche”  he says.  My advice for those coming up would be to stick with your strengths and know what you’re good at. If you’re good at rapping then rap; if you’re good at singing then sing. Know what your specialty is. Regardless of what others say, never forget this.

His online presence

Fre$h has been making a name for himself in the music industry, and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. With a strong online presence and a loyal fan base, Fre$h is poised to take over the hip hop world. From his catchy beats to his relatable lyrics, there’s no doubt that Fre$h is here to stay. His past hardships have only made him stronger, more determined than ever before. I’ve had ups and downs like everybody else in life but my goal is to be one of the best rappers on this planet, says Fre$h as he continues on with his mission to create dope content for all listeners to enjoy!

He uses his past experiences and adversities to fuel his creativity and give inspiration to others who are going through their own battles in life. On instagram he has more then 2.2k followers  and on youtube he currently has 5 videos uploaded, some videos getting about 4.4k views. The videos range from rap performances to freestyle sessions with close friends. On his spotify account’ Fre$h’s ‘Instagram he has more than 10 songs uploaded and  5 out of the 10 songs can be found on YouTube with most having between.

WEBSITE: www.foreverfreshmusic.com

INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/iammoneysign

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6bO9Ni-IYJZ75VMoTHvVr

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