Four Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Procrastinate

Four Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Procrastinate

Most people would agree time is the most valuable asset humans have, but although there is awareness around this fact, many individuals do not use their time wisely. A lot of people set goals and never accomplish them, not because they are incapable, but because procrastination hits and they decide to invest their time into tasks that do not align with their objectives. Entrepreneurs are not immune to this phenomenon.

So, if you feel like another day flew by and you got nothing done, let’s explore the four main reasons why you’re procrastinating and sabotaging yourself; it has nothing to do with laziness. Adam Aslam, a sixteen-year-old student from London has been able to generate 60,000 USD in sales within four weeks by understanding, mastering, and recognizing these four reasons. He works only a few hours a week and invests the rest of his time studying, so he can eventually become a doctor and real estate, investor. He was able to make this happen when he was only fifteen. If he is able to manage his time wisely and earn such a good income at a young age, you are able to do the same by understanding how to trick your brain to work smart, not hard.

Here are the four reasons why you might not be getting the results you wish you did. 

The first reason is brain overload leading to Fatigue.

Listening to all the information available online while building a business, learning a new skill, creating an offer, talking to potential clients might make you feel tired just by thinking about it. You are programming your brain to feel overwhelmed with your to-do list until your brain decides it is too tired to even get started. Chunk it down into digestible pieces you can tackle with more agility. If you’re constantly facing giant projects, you’ll give up before you even start.

Reason number two: Lack of Leveraged Pressure

Surround yourself with people that can help you with accountability and urgency. Adam on his journey to generating 60, 000 USD in sales realized this was extremely important. The reason he was able to make that amount of money at only age fifteen was that he had a team of people motivating him daily, but also keeping him accountable. He joined Mike Barron’s salesforce that not only taught him profitable skills to make a great income, but also kept him accountable.

Reason number 3: Effective Planning

If you want something bad enough, always ask yourself: what’s the next step? What can I do today that will bring me closer to my goal? If you were to spend the next 30 days growing your business or high-paying skills, what exactly would you do every day? Commit to it by writing it down and making it happen. Remember, perfection is unattainable, the most successful people are those willing to adapt.

Finally: Take messy action.

Messy action is better than no action. Allow yourself to be sloppy, take action and get things done. You can always improve things as you grow. Perfection is hidden insecurity, sometimes, masked as procrastination that keeps you stuck.

If you want to learn more about the habits successful sales experts are adopting, connect with Adam on his social media and follow his journey.

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