From Food stamps to Seven-figures CEO: The story of Lara Rahib, “The Ecom Wolf”

From Food stamps to Seven-figures CEO: The story of Lara Rahib, “The Ecom Wolf”

Success to most people is an elusive term; something familiar yet not obtainable, something to cheer at but not strive for. Lara Rahib demystified the concept of success. She went from struggling and at some point in her life relying on food stamps, to being the CEO of several businesses including her California-based e-commerce business.

Like many other success stories, her story stands out clearly and shows what focus, determination, and drive can do for anyone who wishes to live beyond average. Palestine-born Chief Executive started her life with sales jobs, loathing the 9-5 cycle but passionately determined to break free and make a mark.

Lara’s big break came when she left her five-year Real Estate career to pursue what has always been a goal. She wanted to make passive income and have time to enjoy her life with friends and loved ones. She was tired of living without control of her earnings. She was not getting along with her bosses, and everything jarred her to take the bold step to become “The Ecom Wolf.” 

In her words, “I loved real estate, and still do because I invest in it, but I wanted something that was more on the passive side. I wanted to make money while I was sleeping, on vacation, or spending time with family and friends.” To her, it was all about getting more control of her finances. She didn’t want her paychecks to come solely from her ability to close deals with homeowners; she wanted more, so she went for it. 

With a background in Biology, Lara towed a different path when she took up a career in real estate. She had also worked different sales jobs and had spent time honing her communication and selling skills, which will be of advantage in her career much later. 

Lara moved to the United States when she was only one years old with her family and set out to rise beyond her limitations to an enviable height. 

For someone whose prowess at e-commerce earned her the nickname “Ecom Wolf,” the struggle to the peak of her career was not easy. She suffered unemployment at some point and suffered from anxiety that affected her daily routine. It took her profit drastically dropping on the Amazon platform to turn her fears into something positive and create a legacy for Lara to step up to her full potential.

Amazon: A New Phase For A Star

Lara’s stint with Amazon was her first chance at e-commerce. She had saved up 50,000 from her real estate career and used the money to advance her Ecom goals. At first, an exponential growth took her earnings to 30,000 monthly. After Lara decided to move away from the third-party platform, Amazon, to her website after her sales tanked, she pulled in a decent figure, and that was only the beginning.

When news of her phenomenal success on her website broke out, there was a demand from many seeking to learn how to grow their brands. As a natural empath and a selfless person, Lara enthusiastically took up the offer and today coaches thousands of people across the globe on the business of E-commerce. Her courses are available on her Facebook group: The Wolves of Ecom, where you can connect with like minds and learn from an e-commerce expert.

Lara has achieved a lot over the years. She is actively involved in real estate investing, donates to charities, and is working on helping LGBTQ+ youths within her community. Her story is synonymous with thousand others where one had gone from oblivion to the peak. The “Ecom Wolf” has taught us to dream, hope, and work as our lives depend on it.

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