How Indigenous Cosmetic Brands refuse to be ignored on Sustainability

How Indigenous Cosmetic Brands refuse to be ignored on Sustainability

From facial masks to hair dyes to stiff hold hairspray many cosmetic products are made with no sustainability in mind. Their ingredients and packaging aren’t necessarily worth all the colourful misleading ads.

We sat down with an Indigenous Cosmetics brand making a splash, connecting her Carib and Indigenous roots into her crafting of plant-based hair and skincare products. Fascinated at how the owner of Whimsical Black Beauty Cosmetics intertwines her culture, education of plant knowledge and sustainability into the ever- over-consuming Beauty & Cosmetic Industry.

“I think it is essential that the voices of Indigenous makers are not silenced by big corporations who do not put a priority on using sustainable ingredients and or practices.”

–   Jasmine Swimmer, Owner of WBB Cosmetics

Jasmine Swimmer, the owner of Whimsical Black Beauty Cosmetics, highlights the core of her brand was to shine a light on the internal discrimination within the Indigenous community towards those of mixed heritage, by creating products that catered to Indigenous persons who are mixed with African or Latin American descent. Bringing to the forefront the need to educate both Indigenous and BIPOC communities about the intersectionality of being mixed race as well as the erasure of healing and natural products that cater to them.

“I create products where every component is hand-harvested and extracted from the land, from our sustainable packaging to custom made formulas to ensure nothing is wasted. It is a beautiful journey of self-love which I believe is hair & skin love. Not only creating products that work but add a bit of warmth and whimsy to my customers lives.”

-Jasmine Swimmer, Owner of WBB Cosmetics

Other Indigenous lead Cosmetic brands like Cheekbone Beauty have begun paving the way for Indigenous-owned cosmetics to step into the global stage, done in an ethical and sustainable way.

“I think it’s so important that we support Indigenous makers who take time to create with purpose and educate as we connect our culture, traditions and sustainable practices into what we create.”

-Jasmine Swimmer, Owner of WBB Cosmetics

As Covid-19 has disrupted many of our plans and buying habits, we see more and more local businesses suffer. At this time it’s imperative as a global shift has taken place to reconsider how we spend, and what we consume. #Supportlocal has been a viral hashtag reminding consumers to remember marginalized people, small businesses and underrepresented persons. The Indigenous community is not being excluded, for years they have fought to create products and systems that aid our planet and our way of life. So, before you purchase your next hair dye or facial cream consider an alternative, Indigenous cosmetics made sustainably with care.

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