Immaculate vision, humility, and innovation have helped Syed Irfanuddin emerge as a visionary entrepreneur.

Immaculate vision, humility, and innovation have helped Syed Irfanuddin emerge as a visionary entrepreneur.

Syed Irfanuddin showcased patience, perseverance, and undeterred determination to expand his father’s business and establish the WIIZ group of companies.

Making your business a success is no mean feat, there is no shortcut to success, even for those who are born with the silver spoon. Entrepreneurs need to have undeterred determination, patience, and perseverance to scale the glorious heights. Even if someone is provided with an opulent lifestyle and family business, he/she cannot get away without working hard or being placid.

Compounding this, is the story of a successful entrepreneur, whose father had an established business empire, but he chose to take the difficult path, struggle, and achieve something on his own, with his immaculate vision and innovative ideas, he is Syed Irfanuddin.

Syed Irfanuddin hails from Hyderabad, India, is the son of Syed Hameeduddin – the owner of RR Group of Industries. Syed Irfanuddin had a very humble childhood as he witnessed his father’s struggles and hard work, to make their ends meet. He is the founder of WIIZ – a group of companies, which caters to the everyday needs of the modern world. He extensively studied the fields and areas in which he wanted to begin doing business. He was extremely creative from his childhood and is an advocate of innovative workings and ideas. Despite having the support of his father, Syed Irfanuddin never relied on it or took it for granted. He knew that without having the stamina, strength, and skill to struggle, he would not become a successful entrepreneur.

His father used to repair punctured tires along the pavement of the famous Charminar, and from there, he went on to own a huge business empire. This was Syed Irfanuddin’s motivation and inspiration to work his socks off. He ventured into the real estate business with his firm WIIZ Realtors LLP. He then paved the way into the medical field and launched WIIZ Health Care, which handles medical, technical, and surgical equipments. He also pioneered WIIZ LED that is a prominent firm in LED fittings and electrical accessories. Interestingly, WIIZ is named after the four sons of Syed Hameeduddin, namely Waqar, Imran, Irfan, and Zeeshan.

Syed Irfanuddin’s father taught him that one must be a good human being first and then a good businessman. His teachings made him humble and he underlines the importance of humility. During the COVID pandemic, Syed Irfanuddin strived to satiate the necessities of those in need and provided free ration kits, daily cooked meals, RT-PCR tests, oxygen cylinders, etc. He inspired other entrepreneurs to help people and uplift their lives by valuing them as human beings. He did various charities via the RR Charitable Trust and cemented his position as a top entrepreneur who has not forgotten his roots.

Syed Irfanuddin’s immaculate vision, humility, and innovation have today resulted in him becoming a powerful and successful entrepreneur.

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