How Jake T. Davidson Capitalized On Social Media

How Jake T. Davidson Capitalized On Social Media

Since he was young, Jake T Davidson has always been one to think outside the box. Not only that, he’s managed to turn instagram into a monetizable goldmine. Since his start in 2016, the rising senior has produced content for over 1.5 million people, earned thousands of dollars, and grabbed millions of views and likes through the 4 click process of posting something. His interesting story goes to show that social media is very profitable, especially for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Jake began using social media during the summer of 2014 on a rising platform titled “Vine”. In 2015, the media sharing app would have over 200 million users in total and would become one of the primary entertainment apps on the market. At the young age of 13, he amassed a following of over 56,000 fans who tuned in for his unique basketball content. He posted highlights consisting of highschool, college, and professional games.

Unfortunately, the platform would eventually be terminated in 2017. However, Jake wasn’t one to give up. He migrated over to instagram, where he’d build up a plethora of pages amassing a large part of his current follower network. His most prominent page was a fan account dedicated to showcasing NBA star Stephen Curry. Jake cleverly harnessed the fandom and formed a community hub for like-minded individuals and would collect over 76,000 fans. His content consisted of highlights, viral videos, and discussion forums that he used to interact with the fans.

After a year of hard work and success with monetization, the page was terminated for unknown reasons. However, Jake used the opportunity to prove his social media skill by breeding a new set of pages. Since the wrongful termination, he’s amassed over 100,000 fans on his pages while also working as a freelance manager. In terms of monetization, he’s been constantly looking for new ways to expand his network with minimal risk of another termination. Utilizing affiliate codes, he’s been able to capitalize on his loyal following.

One thing is for sure; Jake T Davidson is on the rise. Despite multiple obstacles, he’s managed to consistently persevere and thrive in uncomfortable situations.

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