How to start your own car rental business in the UAE

<strong>How to start your own car rental business in the UAE</strong>

The UAE economy demonstrates resilience to crises. State support ensures the rapid growth of small businesses. In this regard, it is quite easy to organize your own car rental business in the UAE. We offer you practical recommendations for organizing your small business.

How to set up car rental business in the UAE

To get started, you will need to create a site on CMS WordPress – this is one of the simplest website builders. It has a user-friendly interface as well as a simple and accessible code. Both an experienced developer and a person who has just begun to study the features of creating sites can use it.

I have a website. What’s next?

On the basis of the site, you can independently build the entire complex of business management from scratch. After many months of building processes, you will receive a system that you will understand, and you will begin to draw up documents for car rental. However, there is also an easier way.

We are talking about the RentSyst service. It is hosted in the cloud. You use it through a plugin on the site. In simple words, this is a piece of code that ties tracking and control functions for each car to your site. At the same time, it collects statistics on the car.

  • Permanent GPS connection helps you keep track of every vehicle in your fleet. Along with this, you control the door locks, you can remotely start or block the engine. You set the maximum speed threshold, and the systems monitor engine performance and report if the driver exceeds it. Moreover, the system monitors everything down to fuel consumption and battery charge.
  • Data is constantly updated. Thanks to this, you can track the demand for a car in a particular area or the demand for all cars in your company. This makes it possible to think over a strategy, determine where it is best to place cars, and in which areas they will not be in demand.
  • The key task of this system is to automate everything that can be automated. Thus, you will reduce operating costs and get transparent statistics on the state of the business. A CRM system is the first step towards balanced logistics and order in the budget.
  • You can familiarize yourself with the plugin in advance. For this, there is a demo version in which you will get access to the main functions of the service.

The UAE car rental business includes all of the above factors. But how do you put it all together to make a profit?

Car rental business in the UAE: step by step instructions

You have launched a simple site on the WordPress system, opened the RentSyst registration system and selected cars for rent. Now you need to combine all these components into a single system.

Next steps

  1. Let us start by setting up an account in the RentSyst system. You just need to enter your email, phone number, password or link your account to existing systems, such as Google or Facebook.
  2. This is the baseline for the system to identify you. Now you need to do the same, but for your business. You fill in the fields to officially register your service. Now you have a complete platform ready to go.
  3. Then you add your cars to the service. Enter data about them, if necessary, connecting beacons and synchronizing diagnostic systems. This way you can track each vehicle and its status online.
  4. The key point is the integration of the service with your site. To do this, it is important to install the RentSyst plugin on the WordPress site. It is free, you just need to upload the folder with it to the general directory of WordPress plugins and set up the link. The directory is located at wp-content/plugins/. Then go to the admin panel and select the “Plugins” section. After that just activate RentSyst.

When everything is done, you just have to enter the login and password for the account in the activated plugin. Thus, you will be able to connect to the cloud from the site and run your business.

What should I do if my car rental business in the UAE is not working properly?

The advantage of such systems is that you can always count on support. As soon as any question arises, you can always contact the company. A personal manager is assigned to you who will help in case of program failures or difficulties. Use, grow, earn!

RentSyst is a functional pocket office for your car rental business.

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