How Young Social Media Expert Adam Meskouri Is Making Waves

How Young Social Media Expert Adam Meskouri Is Making Waves

Adam Meskouri, a 16 year old rising senior in highschool, has been managing and growing social media accounts since he was 13 years old. Since then, he’s been able to create a network of large pages with 2 million followers in total, and innovate new ways to build a brand personality.

At the age of 13, Adam decided to create a basketball related Instagram page called “FrostyMixez”, where he posted original basketball edits based on popular highlights from the NBA. When one of his other pages amassed over 5,000 fans, Adam received an offer to manage a page with over 170,000 followers. Although he didn’t own the page, Adam decided to capitalize on the offer to manage a large community. Over the next year, he helped develop a personality for the account and build a highly engaged audience around his unique content style. He was eventually granted 50% ownership, making him an equal partner. From there, Adam worked to build a name for himself in the social media scene.

As of now, Adam owns a multitude of pages with the help of other similar content creators. He also manages accounts for businesses looking to grow their brand. Adam currently has a personal network of over 800,000 followers across the accounts that he owns, while also amassing 1.2 Million followers on the accounts that he runs for clients. He is the Co-Owner of large pages like @Eng.Technology and @DunksX, which specialize in Technology and Sports. Through his large pages, Adam constantly networks with other large creators and influencers who share his vision.  His biggest piece of advice to new creators is that reaching out and connecting with other people who have the same mindset can open a world of possibility.

Adam credits his success to his networking skills, and he enjoys building relationships with other content creators. Doing so has allowed him to collaborate with other influencers and constantly innovate new content for his pages, while also opening new doors to help him grow his name.

Alongside social media, Adam is also an avid public speaker, debater, and aspiring entrepreneur. He believes that social media is a great outlet to communicate with hundreds of thousands of people, and that bringing people joy through content is the best part of owning a large page. He loves building connections with his followers by developing a page personality and sharing content that people enjoy.

By owning a multitude of viral pages, Adam hopes that his large social media following will eventually provide him a platform for whatever he chooses to do in life.

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