Nadim Zidan Selects Switzerland As The Best After-Corona Medical Tourism Destination

Nadim Zidan Selects Switzerland As The Best After-Corona Medical Tourism Destination

Following up the visit of key members of the Swiss Medical Tourism Board, combined with medical tourism facilitators and hospital managers, that arrived to Dubai in a mission to establish a sloid link between the center of the Middle East, and Swiss 

The quality meeting that was held at the head quarter of Hollywood Stars Medical & leisure tourism headed by Nadim Zidan the group CEO, and led to initial agreements on several aspects of the targeted business relation, and was kept on hold due to several global reasons which obviously stopped the agreements from being active especially during the current pandemic 

“It is now the time to get back to our positive thinking and resume working on our plans, and the top priority to us now is to rebuild the trust in the tourism market in general, and the medical tourism in particular” said Zidan 

The Syrian business mane decided to fly to Bern – Switzerland in order to examine the medical tourism facilities in what he describes as “The heart of Europe” 

Zidan will start his trip by arriving to Bern, and will be meeting key leader of the Swiss medical and leisure tourism in order to build a bridge between Dubai, and Swiss 

“The world needs to gain trust back in the daily activities, and after weeks and months of being locked down, everyone deserves a chance to get out and travel, safely and by applying all the international measures and precautions of this virus” Zidan added 

Reporters agreed that we need to take action, after the lock down is being uplifted from many countries, and airlines started to announce their flights to be reopened starting July, and despite the strict rules and procedures taken to avoid the spread of the virus, people around the world showed great interest in getting out of the lockdown and use the summer break as an escape and a rehab from that stressful period.

Such procedure and safety precautions were welcomed by Zidan, and he highlighted the importance of trusting the government and health authorities’ procedures as they are surely aiming to the best of humanity, so we can all survive this pandemic Zidan’s focus during the Swiss meetings will be on the safety measures and guarantees provided to the visitors from around the world and especially those coming from GCC, in order to kick off the wheel of business again, and reactivate that bridge between the East and the West as Zidan describe it.

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