Influencer Yesmin Ben Hammouda has a powerful message for all the women

Influencer Yesmin Ben Hammouda has a powerful message for all the women

One of the profound Greek philosophers Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant”. And in today’s time, a lot has changed and evolved. It also needs to be understood that change comes from within. To bring a change, one needs to be the change first. One of the inspiring ladies Yesmin Ben Hammouda is a prime example of it. She is a fitness influencer, master life coach, interior designer, model and actress. In a time where females have been overshadowed by their male counterparts, Yesmin has been the pioneer in bringing the change.

She has often raised her voice against gender inequality and wants everyone to be treated equally. Yesmin has been the brand ambassador for White Ribbon, a global initiative that takes a stand for women. Currently, the influencer is working with White Ribbon to make an app where women facing any kind of abuse can get prompt help. Intending to empower women of all age-groups, Yesmin Ben Hammouda is elated to be a part of this global movement.

Yesmin believes that any kind of abuse against women should not be tolerated. Speaking about the same, she said, “Women are a symbol of grace and dignity. They define love and compassion. The most important thing one needs to understand is that women give birth and take forward the generation. They need to get their due credit for the work they do in society.” More so, Yesmin Ben Hammouda explained that women are true leaders who not only manage the responsibilities of home but can also run an organisation.

Apart from this, Yesmin Ben Hammouda went on to say that women are true fighters. Be it any adversity of life, they can tackle any situation with patience and perseverance. With the changing times, women are excelling across every field. Based in Dubai, the influencer has an interior designing company of her own named ‘YesLux’ that has its operations in Abu Dhabi. Besides being an entrepreneur and a creative professional, she is a Master NLP Practitioner and is certified as a theta healer.

While giving a piece of advice to the girls and women, Yesmin Ben Hammouda said, “Don’t be bound by anyone’s rules. You have got one life. Live your life to the fullest and make the most of it. Do what takes you out of your comfort zone and make sure to live life by your dreams.”

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