Inside The Mind of Successful Entrepreneur Brad Winget

Brad’s first entry into the real estate industry was in 1998 when he became a loan officer. Realizing the value he could bring to customers in helping them make one of life’s biggest choices, he started his first business as a mortgage broker in 1999 and then got his real estate license shortly thereafter in 2000. In 2001, he started his second business in Utah’s Best Real Estate Group as a real estate broker, where he helps buyers and sellers succeed in real estate. In 2003, he created a credit repair company to help people live the American dream by getting a mortgage and buying their first home, and in 2005 he started a home-flipping business which quickly became the largest foreclosure buying company in Utah, flipping more than 150 homes per year.

The most life-changing moment in his career

When the market crashed and he had to pivot from mortgage, real estate, and home flipping to vacation rentals at the same time, he lost $1,025,000 in a Ponzi scheme and $1.5 Million in Promontory after buying 5 high end lots to build custom spec homes right before the real estate market tanked and values plummeted. The struggles to make enough money to cover his monthly mortgage payments, payroll and maintain the comfortable lifestyle Brad and his family had become accustomed to, was very difficult. As things got a lot worse before improving, Brad struggled with guilt and embarrassment that followed some of his failures that were all outside of his lane where he had always been successful. Brad learned so many things from those difficult times that has helped him recover and thrive ever since and expresses gratitude for his failures and believes things don’t happen to us, they happen “For Us”.  

The things he did correctly to achieve success

Brad has been consistent and paid his dues thru-out his entire career. He’s done it the right way by working very hard and investing in himself. He also never recommends something to a client that he isn’t willing to do himself. He takes educated risks and believes it’s important to “Practice What You Preach” and has been leading by example the whole way. Meanwhile, he has kept his family very close and they have been his biggest fans and support group, which has helped him immensely in all things. They are his motivation and his “Why”. 

Some mistakes he has made and learned from

In looking back, Brad feels he was a little too aggressive before the market crashed, having never been through a market downturn prior, he feels he bought too many “mediocre properties”. He would have been more selective and always made sure he had the best fixed mortgage terms and enough money down to offset the market correction. He also wouldn’t have purchased as many luxury lots which couldn’t be rented or used for cash flow. He learned that investing in things outside of his wheelhouse and expertise isn’t the path to success and to stay in his lane which has always been profitable.

What inspired him to go all-in?

Brad is aggressive in his pursuit of success and happiness. He knew if he didn’t work harder than anyone else, he wouldn’t have the life he’s always wanted for himself and his family, “A Life By His Own Design”. Brad believes we are all architects of our own lives and we all have the power and ability to build and enjoy that life if we are willing to do what it takes and work hard enough. He has reached a point in his life where he has accomplished his dream of living his “Life By His Own Design” and expresses gratitude for that every day. Brad’s definition of success and his life by design, is having close friends and family while being able to do what  he wants, with who he wants, wherever and however he wants. Brad knows if he doesn’t believe in himself 100%, no one else will and also understands that you have to keep moving forward. “Once you build your life by your own design, you have to keep it that way and maintain it. Building it is very difficult, but so is maintaining it. Both require different skill sets that are important to learn and implement.” Brad wants to teach other people how to do this and be a positive influence for good, inspiring and motivating people to follow their dreams and accomplish their goals so they too, can live a life by their own design.  

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