As the number of freelancers is increasing day-by-day due to several reasons, every freelancer is struggling to find potential customers for providing their services. Likewise, every client also confronts some difficulty to find a trustworthy, highly skilled, and professional freelancer for a reasonable price or quality work. Many freelance marketplaces had been established in the past 10 years to interface between freelancers and clients. And Ben4hire marketplace created by Ben is one out of them.
For getting detailed information about the Ben4hire freelance marketplace, we asked the following questions from the founder of Ben4hire, Mr. Ben Bander Abudawood.

What is ben4hire?

Ben4hire is an innovative, easily accessible freelance marketplace that helps freelancers and clients to do the business. This business could be related to anything based on freelancer’s skills or the client’s demand.

What was your main objective behind creating this marketplace?

Our main objective was and it is, to connect them by providing a friendly platform that helps to communicate and discuss business, also we want to provide a fast and easiest way to conduct this business or exchange the funds.

How does this platform work?
Ben4hire freelance marketplace is a user-friendly platform. On this platform client will be able to bid on their chosen provider; agreeing on a price before the work is progressed and the notable thing is that; the payment will be made only when e-work is done and the clients are being satisfied.

What kind of services can the freelancers sell?

The freelancers can sell different services from logo design and graphics to animation and technology such as a mobile app to the website builders, legal services to writing services, and much more others. All the services the freelancers are offering must be approved first by ben4hire management.

Is it a good idea for freelancers to join the marketplace such as ben4hire?
It is the best option for all the freelancers who want to sell their skills, also the clients who want to work with such enthusiastic and skilled freelancers from a remote. The skilled freelancers need to reach many clients and clients looking for freelancers to do their business efficiently, these marketplaces such as our one Ben4hire is a good option for all of them.
From which countries do you allow freelancers?

From all over the world. Ben4hire does not hinder the ways of progress for any freelancer or customer belongs to any country, caste, religion, or creed. The registration is open for all. We promote our website to many countries around the globe which makes the freelancers find different potential clients and wise versa.

Why ben4hire different from other freelancers’ platforms out there?
Ben4hire has its own identity because we offer a free commission for our freelancers. So whatever e-services they sell on Ben4hire, we take zero commission from their profits or income. And that is something unique about this freelance marketplace.

How ben4hire solve if there is an issue between the freelancers and the client?

We have our legal department that gets involve immediately if there is an issue between the freelancers and clients. This team reviews all the communication or the service and base on that the committee makes the fair decision.

What is the future of Ben4hir?

We expanding our business now to have long term contracts between the freelancers and clients with a 3/6/12 months’ contract with a fixed payment. Also planning to increase the number of our freelancers and add more payment gateways to help both freelancers and clients for the transaction. Moreover, we are establishing its offices in various countries too that will undoubtedly increase its usage.

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